Troubleshooting Guide to mini drones

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To purchase spare parts ( eg battery,propeller) , please click here

Please DO NOT return the item to the store without performing the below 2 steps as highlighted.

If your mini drone is not able to fly , assuming a full charge of the battery in the drone and in the controller ,you just need to do the below 2 steps to get it up and flying again.

It is VERY normal for your mini drone  to fly erratically/ not fly up and etc after a few crashes , as the gyroscopes on the drone have lost their direction after a few "crashes"

1) Remove and insert a new set of propellers

2) Calibrate the accelerometer

Flight time of mini drone - 4 min to 7 min , for every charge of battery ( each battery charging is around 30to 40 mins)

Click your below drone model to watch the video on how to troubleshoot

skywalker range


Cheerson range

CX10C/star/ 10/ 10A/

CX Star D


DJI Tello

Eachine range



If you still can't get it to work after following the below steps, please whatsapp the video of the issue to 65- 90754420 and we will provide technical support via whatsapp. Click here to find out about the 7 days warranty and the service centre for repair and exchange

A) Troubleshooting tip for all Cheerson Models ( CX10/ CX10A/ CXstars/CX10C/CX10D/CX10WDTX/ CX 17/ CX OF)- click on product for  individual guide

1) Remove  and insert a new set of propellers

a) Check the alphabet on the propeller . It should be the same diagonally.

Propeller alphabet on CX 17


Propeller alphabet on CX10D/ CX 10 WD TX/ CX OF

b) How to remove and insert new set of propellers?

Please use a plier or propeller remover to remove the propellers.


2) Calibrate the accelerometer

This is is done by moving the control stick. NO special skill is required.

Calibration steps for CX17

Calibration video of CX10D.

B) Troubleshooting tip for skywalker range

( 1336/ 1341C/ skyhero)

1) Remove  and insert a new set of propellers

a) Check the alphabet on the propeller . It should be the same diagonally.


2) Calibrate the accelerometer

Important : If your skywalker fly crooked/ can't fly at all / motors rotate at different speed, please do the below steps AFTER you have successfully paired the skywalker with the transmitter.

To ensure that the quadcopter is on the FLAT ground, kindly place the skywalker on the plastic holder to mimic a FLAT ground  , provided in the package.

If the plastic holder ( aka launching platform)  is not available, to ensure that the quadcopter is on FLAT ground, please remove the cage before you follow the below instructions to trim it.

If you do not have the plastic holder, you can also create a flat surface by holding the skywalker .



How to change the mode of your skywalker ( change from run to fly) ?

Press the Fly/Run mode on the remote controller after you have paired the skywalker with the remote controller.

DEFAULT mode - FLY mode

1) Press once - didi sound- RUN mode

2) Press again- di sound - FLY mode

3) Press again - didi sound - RUN mode

Interchange between different modes by identifying the different di sound.


C) Troubleshooting tip for Eachine E010/E011

1) Remove  and insert a new set of propellers

a) Check the alphabet on the propeller . It should be the same diagonally.


How to clean your E010/ E011- dirt and dust stuck on the motors/ propellers will impair the performance

2) Calibrate the accelerometer

Pair the e010 to the controller.

- Insert the battery wire into the slot to power up the drone

- Switch on the controller

- Move the left stick up.

- Move the left stick down.

Then move the right stick to the bottom left corner as shown in the below picture . Hold it until the E010 stop blinking.


Still can't get it to work? Please leave your comments below and we will assist to troubleshoot for you.

65 Drones


65 Drones

Hi Dana,

Please change the batteries in the remote controller.

65 Drones

Just received my e010 .it was flying great . I shut off the controler and changed the battery in the drone. No light when I turn on the controler just a tone. Never dropped. Just doesn’t work.

65 Drones

Hi schalk,

If both drone and remote controller are fully charged , I believe u have gotten the wrong remote controller for the E010. It happens sometimes, some e010 remote controllers are not able to work for the same e010 drone, as the items are manufactured by batches.

You can try purchasing another e010 remote controller , to see whether it pair with the e010. best if you can test at the shop . Online purchase is not recommended as if it is really a test of luck.

65 Drones

Please help. The drone (E010) keeps on flashing the front and back lights with strong fresh battery…? Turning on – left stick up and down, followed by constant red light on remote. The drone – no change with flashing lights. Please help with possible solution.

65 Drones

Hi steven,

probably nid to replace the motor if the shaft is bent.

It is crucial to calibrate everytime before flight so as to minimize the possibility of crash.

65 Drones


My drone cx-10D having problem of motor shaft bend on the fist test flight in an indoor.

Have try swap the propeller but still doesn’t solve the issue.

Please help


65 Drones

Hi Peter,
please whatsapp the video of the issue to 65- 8172 0298 and we will provide technical support via whatsapp. Kindly also provide the picture of your receipt and our label.
Our technical support whatsapp line is available on weekdays ,10am to 6pm ( public holidays not included).

65 Drones

One propeller not spinning – please advise – thank you

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