How to fly CX 10 W , CX10W- TX and CX10WD - TX-World's smallest smartphone operated nano FPV quadcopter ( FAQ & videos )

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Troubleshooting CX10D/CX10WD

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1) The CX 10D / CX10WD is flying in an erratic manner . eg not flying up, drifting , flying in circles , flipping .

Solution : Check propeller alphabet underneath the propeller. Very likely, the propellers are not placed in correct position. Ensure that propellers are level and playing ground is even. When indoubt, change to a new set of propellers

 CX10D propellers sequence


CX10WDTX propeller sequence


2) CX10D/ CX10WD  is not moving at all. The lights are blinking on the CX10D

solution :If the lights on the CX10D are blinking, it either indicates that the CX10D is low in battery or pairing with the transmitter is unsuccessful .  Kindly charge the CX 10 D until the red light goes off on the USB cable.

If after a full charge, the CX 10D is still not flying and lights are blinking . please calibrate the accelerometer.


If after calibration of the accelerometer and after a full charge , the CX10WD still does not work. Kindly contact our service center to repair. Kindly note that we will only repair units which are bought from us at our authorized retailers with official 65drones label and receipt.  Diagnosis and repair charges apply if it is after warranty period.

3) One of my CX10D propeller stop spinning.

solution : The motor is likely to be spoilt for the propeller that is not spinning.

Solution : Replace the motor . You may either purchase the motor and fix it yourself . or you may contact our service centre to repair the CX10D. Repair fees and part cost apply

4. The propellers are broken . How to replace propellers

Solution : Please use a plier to remove and insert propellers.

5. I can't pair the transmitter to the CX 10D

Solution : please check that the transmitter has enough battery power. Change the AA batteries in the unit. In rare cases, the transmitter is faulty. You can purchase a spare transmitter from us.

If you still fail to get it to work, please click here for our whatsapp technical support.


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Start small with the CX10W nano wifi FPV quadcopter, retailing at an incredible price of

SGD 57 ! Run your own mini drone race at your backyard!

CX10W is now available with a transmitter and more enhanced features. Click here to buy the CX10 W-TX



CX10W TX also comes with the altitude hold function . Click here to buy the CX10WD TX. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1) How is CX10W and CX10 W-TX different from other CX 10 Models ( eg CX 10, CX10A, CX 10 C, CX stars) and other 65drones fun flys such as alienx6pro?

  CX10 CX stars CX10A CX10C CX10w CX10 W-TX CX10WD-TX Alien X6s Alien x6pro
Get your fun flys here
Key features *first nano quad *Guinness world record world's smallest quadcopter *Headless mode *aerial photography& videography *wifi FPV  *aerial photography and videography *wifi FPV  *aerial photography and videography * Altitude hold *wifi FPV  *aerial photography and videography * headless mode *aerial photography and videography * fly up to 200 m  *wifi FPV * headless mode *aerial photography and videography * fly up to 200 m 
Headless mode * No No Yes No No No No Yes Yes
 Modes 3 speed modes 3 speed modes 3 speed modes & headless mode 3 speed modes 3 speed modes 3 speed modes 3 speed modes, one touch launch key and one touch return key Beginner, standard , professional & headless mode Beginner, standard , professional, return home & headless mode
radio mode  mode 2 mode 2 mode 2 mode 2 mode 2 mode 2 mode 1 and mode 2 mode 2 mode 2
Camera No No No 0.3MP 0.3MP 0.3MP 0.3MP 2 MP 2 MP
Charging time 30 min 30 mins 30min 30mins 20 mins 20 mins 30 mins 60 mins 60 mins
Flight time 5-8 min 5 mins 5- 6min 4 minutes 4 mins 4 mins  4 mins 8 mins 12mins
Control Distance 20 to 50m 20m 20 to 50 m 15 to 30m 15m 15 to 25m 20 to 40 m 200m 200m
FPV No No No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Controlled by transmitter transmitter transmitter transmitter  wifi wifi and transmitter wifi ad transmitter transmitter wifi and transmitter
Battery 100mah built in 80 mah built in  100mah built in 120 mah built in 150 mah built in 150 mah built in 150 mah built in 3.7V 520mAh  detachable 3.7V 520 mAh detachable
Size group and type Nano quad smaller than nano quad Nano quad Nano quad Nano quad Nano quad Nano quad palm size hexacopter palm size hexacopter
 *Headless mode means that pushing any direction on the control stick, will always move the craft in that direction, regardless of the way the craft is facing. Headless mode is suitable for beginner
* transmitter refers to the set remote controller provided in the package. 2.4ghz transmitter allows a few players to play at the same time.
* FPV means first person view. You may watch and record ( pictures or videos)  first hand on your mobile device what the drone sees on the sky. 
* quadcopter has 4 legs ( 4 motors) , hexacopter has 6 legs ( 6 motors) . The more motors, the more stable.
* For detachable battery, you may change the battery easily , just like how you change your mobile phone battery. For built in battery, you can only power charge the drone.
* Altitude hold refers to the throttle automatically controlling to maintain the current altitude,enable stable maneuver
* mode 1 refers to the throttle on the right and mode 2 refers to the throttle on the left.    



2) How do I fly the CX 10 W? CX10W doesn't have a transmitter

Step 1: Download CX-10Wifi app from the app store

Step 2: Charge your CX10W for 30 mins until the red light on your charger goes off.

Step 3: Check the direction of propellers . Change the propellers if the direction is wrong.

Step 4:  Switch on your CX10W. Connect the wifi. You are ready to fly the CX10W.

You probably will need some time to get used to operating the quadcopter using your mobile device.

Quick start video to operating your CX10W

3)How do I  fly cx10w tx using mobile device for fpv and transmitter to control the cx10w? CX10 W TX package includes a transmitter.

Step1:download the CX10w app from the QR code from the box to your mobile device.

Step 2: click here and follow until step 9 in the guide. 

Step3: click setting , wifi on your mobile device. Select cx10w 

Step4: click the cx10w app on your mobile device.

Step5: click play.

 Step 6: Click the button as per circled below to " off" . This will disable your mobile phone to control the CX 10w -tx.


 Step 7: Click here and follow step 10 to step 12 to use the transmitter to control the CX10 w- TX.


Watch CX10 W- TX test flight.

 4) How do I fly the CX10WD- TX? CX10WD- TX package includes a transmitter , has wifi control and ALTITUDE hold function.


5) Can I use a different controller on my CX10W ? 

Yes, you may use any CX 10/ CX star controller to control the quadcopter. However you will not be able to use experience the FPV function.

Read here on how to operate CX10 W using your CX 10 controller

You may also purchase the CX10W -TX which is the CX10W with enhanced features and an added controller.

 8) Can do I run a FPV race with my friends using CX 10 W or CX10W -TX?

Yes, This device allows many players to use at the same time as there are 8 transmission points. However as the device is very light , it is recommended that the race be conducted in an area with no strong wind .

To allow multiple players to play at the same time, bind the drone at different timing for each player. Once all drones are calibrated , all player can start flying the drones at the same time.

Step 1: Ensure that all the drones are switched off , except for the one which is binding.

Step 2: Bind the drone of the first player.

Binding means linking the drone to the wifi fpv / transmitter , so that the respective transmitter may direct the specific drone.

Step 3: Once the first player drone is bind, the second player will power up his drone. All other drones will be power off , except for the drone which has been bind and the second player drone which is binding. In summary, when a drone is being bind, all other drones should be power off or have already been bind.

Step 4: repeat step 1 to step 3 until all players drones are bind

Step 5: Race time !

8) Do I need a permit to fly any CX 10 quadcopters?

CX 10 quadcopter weighs less than 17g and are considered as toys. You do not need a permit to fly your CX 10 quadcopter.


Tip1: The motor stall, the quadcopter flies off in a certain direction all by itself? How to calibrate your CX10w?

Solution : Press the button in top right when quad is resting on a flat surface to get it calibrated often through the flight rather then trying to trim it out with the trims, because it does seem to go out of trim often and start drifting by itself rather then sitting perfectly still as it does once trimmed nicely, then you can fly it with just the left control as it stays in one place really well indoors.

Tip 2: The quadcopter cannot turn fast enough . How to increase yaw rate?

Solution : Get this app from the app store - wififpv

Tip 3: How to use two mobile device to operate CX10 W?

Solution : Connect with with 2 phones .one to control while the other can watch. Both have video showing on screen, if both controls are shown on screen quad won't fly properly so make sure to only have the controls showing on the phone you are flying with.

Tip 4: The CX10W quadcopter lose signal in the air.

Solution : The control distance is up to 15 metres. If it is above 15 m, the quadcopter will lose signal. Be sure not to fly beyond 15 metres. As a gauge, 15 metres is around 3-4 storeys high.

For the CX10W TX, the control distance is 25 metres.

Tip 5 :Motor is hard to spin. The quadcopter will not lift off or shoots off to one direction without leaving the ground.

Solution : Check propeller direction. Make sure it is not pressed too hard that it jam the motors.

Have fun.

You may purchase the CX10 W here .


65 Drones


65 Drones

Hi Joe,

CX10w is the old model without the controller.
You have to scan the original QR code on the CX10w product box.
I think the newer app might only work for the newer range like CX10WD TX

65 Drones

I have cx 10w wifi. But i need help, can’t find the drone on my android wifi, and the app say wrong wifi.

65 Drones

Hi Alex, yes we do sell the spare propellers, shell, USB wire and other spare parts for CX10w. Kindly email the items and quantity that you need. Thanks

65 Drones

Do u sell spare propellers and USB wires for the cx 10w quadcopter

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