How to fly CX OF - Optical flow nano drone with selfie function and dance mode


CX OF demo 


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How to use the basic features  ( Flying , enable wifi FPV , take pictures and videos)

1) Basic flying using the transmitter and/or mobile phone

2) CX OF linking wifi

The steps are similar to CX 10 WD TX.

How to use the advanced features ?

IMPORTANT : Please master the basic flying and operation technique before trying out the advanced features.  Ensure enough flying space with no strong winds and obstacles.

It is user responsibility to ensure the below

1)there is enough space for cx of to perform the advanced features.

2) user can start and land the cx of safely and possess adequate proficiency(motor skills,eyesight and judgement) in using the controller and the app on the mobile device.

3)understand and observe the dos and dont of safe flying

4)kids below 12 years old can only use the device under proper parental supervision.

Warranty will be voided for violation in the above user responsibilities .

If the cx is likely to crash due to loss in connectivity or changes in wind condition or unforeseen object obstruction, please immediately land the cx of by clicking the one touch landing button on the controller or the stop button on your mobile device .

1) Palm Control -  use your palm to control the drone instead of the controller

To enjoy the palm control using optical flow sensor , please ensure that there is adequate light.

If the surroundings is too bright or too dark, the optical flow sensor function will not work well.

a) The Default mode of the CX OF is with the optical flow sensor function.

b) After pairing the drone to the controller , click launch key button to lift the drone in the air.

c) The drone will hover in a stable manner.

Optical sensor chip of CX OF

d) Place your palm under the drone . The drone will move according to your hand movement. If your palm is detected by the drone, move slightly to and fro. It feels like magnetic force.

e) If the drone is unable to " detect" your hand movement due to changes in the light conditions or lose the " connectivity" , the drone might move to a wayward position and might possibly lead to a crash. Immediately click the stop button on your transmitter to land the drone safely.

f) When you click the H/L button ( as circled) , the optical sensor function is deactivated. The CX OF will fly in altitude hold mode.

2) Dance Choreography

REQUIRED : An open space with no obstruction of 3m by 3m by 3m with no strong wind to perform the dance choreography

When dance choreography mode is activated, fpv mode is deactivated. U can switch from both modes easily by clicking the free flight (fpv mode) or choreograph button.


When in doubt, click help button.

 Once connected to wifi, click choreography.


Click on the first bottom button to find out more about each command

Click command at bottom bar to select. You can select up to 6 commands


The sequence of commands will appear as per below.

Click on the command at the sequence to delete. Click save button to save the sequence of commands.

Click start to dance the drone!

If sequence is not saved , and you click the start button . Dance command will be performed. However , the drone will continue to hover even after performing the commands . The drone will stop and land by itself , only when the battery is exhausted.You will not be able to stop or land the drone by clicking the stop button.

3) Trajectory function- Programme the flight path of your CX OF

REQUIRED : An open space with no obstruction of 3m by 3m by 3m with no strong wind to perform the dance choreography

Click " connect wifi" if your wifi is not connected.

Select " Free Flight"

Click on the circled function.

Draw on your mobile phone the flight plan.

The CX OF will fly according to what you have drawn.

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