All about skywalker 1336 / skywalker 1341C / Skyhero - Mini RC quadcopter for running, flying and climbing

Please watch the below two video on how to operate your skywalker and how  to calibrate your skywalker.

Video on how to pair the skywalker : Pairing is a process whereby the drone is connected to the controller and you can control the drone by moving the joysticks on the controller.


Video on how to calibrate the skywalker : Calibration of a drone is a process to keep the sensors in the drone ( technically known as gyroscopes)  in sync with the outside the world.It is essential to perform this step before you fly, especially after a few " crashes" and a few " uses"




Please click to know more on warranty matters and 3 simple steps to request technical support via whatsapp

Problem 1 : your skywalker is not able to fly up.It keeps rolling on the floor.

Solution: Your skywalker is on " run " mode.You have to change it to " fly"  mode.

How to change the mode of your skywalker ( change from run to fly) ?

Press the Fly/Run mode on the remote controller after you have paired the skywalker with the remote controller.

DEFAULT mode - FLY mode

1) Press once - didi sound ( beep twice)- RUN mode

2) Press again- di sound ( beep once)- FLY mode

3) Press again - didi sound -( beep twice) RUN mode

Interchange between different modes by identifying the different di sound.

Pic ( up) : Remote controller of skywalker 1336


Pic ( up) : remote controller of skywalker 1341C

Problem 2 : Your skywalker fly crooked/fly backwards/ motors rotate at different speed.

Solution : Calibrate the skywalker

Important : If your skywalker fly crooked/ can't fly at all / motors rotate at different speed, please do the below steps AFTER you have successfully paired the skywalker with the transmitter.

To ensure that the quadcopter is on the FLAT ground, kindly place the skywalker on the plastic holder to mimic a FLAT ground  , provided in the package.

If the plastic holder ( aka launching platform)  is not available, to ensure that the quadcopter is on FLAT ground, please remove the cage before you follow the below instructions to trim it.

If you do not have the plastic holder, you can also create a flat surface by holding the skywalker .


 Problem 3:Your skywalker turn in circle/ fly backwards/ fly erratically.

Solution: Change the propellers.Check that the propellers are placed correctly.

 There is an alphabet underneath the propeller. Please ensure that alphabet matches picture as per below.

If propellers are placed correctly,please check that they are level and placed on tightly.





Problem 4: I cant pair the drone at all,despite following the steps. 

Solution :blinking lights means Low battery signal

The lights on the drone keep on blinking. I can't seem to bind the drone to the transmitter

Blinking lights is a sign of low battery

Change the battery of the transmitter . Make sure that the transmitter has enough battery.  Check that the battery of the skywalker is fully charged.

" The force is strong in my family "

- Luke Skywalker

Feel the force at the comfort of your home.

The skywalker drone - your servant droid will obey your command of running , flying up to the air and climbing your wall.

 FAQ on skywalker drone

1) What are the technical specifications of skywalker mini?

  • Ready to fly indoor and outdoor; Durable material with super lightweight chassis and latest 6-axis gyro ensures stable performance; Specially designed canopy for more protection; Highly modular frame allowing easy replacement of spare parts
  • 2 flight speed modes for both beginners and experts; 3D flight. Can fly up and down / forward and backward / turn left and right / left and right drift / climb walls, ceilings and crawl across the floor
  • 2.4Ghz 4 channels transmitter with trim. Strong anti-interference performance ensures long distance control; USB charging cable allows charging via computer; 3.7V 300mAh battery; With LED light, perfect for night flight
  • Flight time (min): Approx 5-8; Range (m): Approx 50; Charging time (min): Approx 60; Size of quadcopter body (cm): 19(L) x 19(W) x 5(H); Size of protection frame (cm): 23(L) x 22(W) x 22(H)
  • Package included: Aircraft x 1; Controller x 1; Li Battery x 1; Propellers x 2 set (one set is pre-installed,the other is spare); USB Cable x 1; 4 Pcs 1.5V AA batteries (NOT included) are required for transmitter;

2) How do I fly the skywalker mini?


Step a:Charge the battery.

Step b : Pair it and start flying

Step c: common issues : please read troubleshooting tips or watch the below video

i) trimming and calibration- If skywalker is not able to fly up/ fly crooked/ fly erratically /fly in circle

 ii) Changing of propellers - note the correct sequence


3) Can I fly it outdoor?

Yes, you could . This is a drone designed for indoor and outdoor use. However, do ensure that the wind is not too strong on the day of your play

4) How do many players play at the same time?

As it is 2.4 ghz, up to 8 players may play at the same time.

To allow multiple players to play at the same time, bind the drone at different timing for each player. Once all drones are calibrated , all player can start flying the drones at the same time.

Step 1: Ensure that all the drones are switched off , except for the one which is binding.

Step 2:Bind the drone

Binding means linking the drone to the  transmitter , so that the respective transmitter may direct the specific drone.

Step 3: Once the first player drone is bind, the second player will power up his drone. All other drones will be power off , except for the drone which has been bind and the second player drone which is binding.

Step 4: repeat step 1 to step 3 until all players drones are bind

Step 5: Race time !

5) What age group is suitable to play the skywalker?

As the skywalker is almost indestructible with its caged design, it is suitable for young kids ( above 3 years old) .

Below are the guidelines for kids to enjoy the skywalker

Product is not recommended for kids below 3 years old as it contains small parts.

Battery charging  and insertion of battery- Strictly by parents if kid is below 12 years old

Warning : please do not overcharge the battery. Kindly disengage the power once battery is fully charged ( the red light on the USB cable is off)

Playing of the skywalker ( with cage ) - above 3 years old ( parental supervision is required. )

Playing of the skywalker ( cage removed) - 12 year old and above

Still can't get it to work ? Please click to know more on warranty matters and 3 simple steps to request technical support via whatsapp

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65 Drones


u can buy the charging cable and accessories at banggood or AliExpress.

65 Drones

Do you know where I can buy a new USB charger cord please as I have lost mine? I have a Skywalker GT-3952.

65 Drones

How to access battery in transmitter?

65 Drones

Maybe you can try banggood .
Though we sell the skywalker batteries on our website, under the dangerous goods act , we are not allowed to ship batteries individually , unless with the device for overseas shipment

65 Drones

Is there anywhere i can buy new lipo’s for this quad ? im from the UK tha

65 Drones

HI jason,

If u residing in Singapore, you can buy the spare skywalker battery at Boxboss Northpoint #02-54 .

65 Drones

Hi there,

Great article. I’ve just bought one of these as an xmas present and I am trying to source spare batteries. Plenty of choice out there for 3.7V batteries that are dimensionally the same size but I cannot for the life of me find any with the exact same connector as the original? Any ideas on where I can obtain spares – or where I could source the connector type so I could solder myself….

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