Warranty & repair matters for Mini drones

Estimated reading time : 10 mins 

Whatsapp line :

(65)8781 3658 ( changed wef 31st May 2019)

Email: admin@65drones.com;support@65drones.com


To purchase spare parts for your mini drones ( eg battery, propeller) ,please click here

Boxboss northpoint as collection point and service centre ,will cease operation from 1st Feb 2018 onwards.

65drones admin office address ( by appointment only)

65drones Pte Ltd
18 Sin Ming Lane,midview city
Singapore 573960


(65)8781 3658

to schedule appointment.

or email admin@65drones.com

 Click here for the summarised Process flow chart

Terms and conditions for 7 days warranty

The below terms and conditions pertains to purchase of 65drones products at our authorized retailers. 65drones reserves the final decision to reject any request if any of the below are violated. The below terms and conditions are in compliance with the lemon law act in Singapore.

Definition of 7 days : date listed on the receipt + 7 days = deadline of warranty
Eg  Mr Ngeow bought the product on 3rd Feb 2017 and found the product not in working order. The deadline for the warranty is 10th Feb 2017 ( weekends included). He has to troubleshoot the product by himself via https://www.65drones.com/blogs/funfly-tricks-hacks/troubleshooting-guide-to-mini-drones.

If the product fails to work after attempting the steps, he can make the 1-1 exchange by 10th Feb 2017 , either at the shop that he purchased the product or at the service centre.

How to make an exchange or submit a technical request ?

3 Simple steps as per below

Step 1a :

Read https://www.65drones.com/blogs/funfly-tricks-hacks/troubleshooting-guide-to-mini-drones

and follow the steps to troubleshoot.


If you still cant get it to work, see step 1b

Step 1b- Whatsapp your receipt and the video of your TECHNICAL issue to

(65)8781 3658( weekdays only ( public holidays not included, 10am to 6pm)

( Whatsapp only) Personal sob stories or problems,unrelated to the product will not be entertained.

In order to resolve multiple customers' requests simultaneously and efficiently, we regret to inform that phone call will not be entertained.

80% of all our technical help requests are resolved effectively via whatsapp , ranging from 5 mins to a day. 

Taking a video - please take a video of how you operate the device in order for us to resolve effectively.

Step 2: If product is ascertained defective via whatsapp , please prepare item for exchange .

a) Original Box and compartments with 65drones label and official receipt ( no deface of box)

b) drone X1 ( no physical damage)

c) spare propeller X4

d) Charging cable X1

e) FREE gift ( if any)

If there are missing parts,please read 3b

Step 3: Exchange for purchase date within 7 days from date of receipt.

Each customer is only allowed one single exchange of a BRAND NEW PIECE if product is verified defective.
Please check the item upon exchange.
 2nd EXCHANGE FOR A BRAND NEW PIECE is strictly not allowed.

i) You may make the exchange 1-1 at 65drones service centre 

65drones Pte Ltd
18 Sin Ming Lane,midview city
Singapore 573960

 Receipt will be retained

OR 65drones office

18 Sin Ming Lane
Midview city
Singapore 573960

 ii) you may also make the exchange 1-1 at your authorized retailers indicated on your official receipt. However , as certain level of technical proficiency is required to check the device, some retailers might not be able answer your technical queries AND TO TEST THE PRODUCT for you .Please test the product on your own at the retail shop and to ensure that the exchanged product is in good working order before you leave the shop.

If you do not know how to test the product , It is preferred that exchange be done at 65drones service centre as 2nd EXCHANGE FOR A BRAND NEW PIECE is strictly not allowed.


Step 3b) Repair for items beyond warranty period or exchange for items with missing/spoilt parts . We only repair items with 65drones label.

i) Please bring down the item to 65drones admin office (by appointment only)

65drones Pte Ltd
18 Sin Ming Lane,midview city
Singapore 573960


Fees applies for diagnosis ( if damage can't be ascertained via whatsapp ) and repair and is capped usually ( subject to change at our discretion) at SGD 25 per repair job, including replacement of parts, diagnosis fees and repair fees .Up to 3 weeks for the repair.

Diagnosis fees ( SGD5) is non -refundable but may be off-set to purchase a new set if technical team has reverted that the item is beyond repair.

ii) If exchange is within 7 days but item  does not come in full package , you are required to pay additional fees to replace the missing items , before exchange is possible. For package with missing items , you can only do the exchange at the service centre.

Eg You return a package  ( verified as defective by 65drones technical support but you have used up the spare propellers). You are required to pay for the spare propellers before exchange may be done at service centre.

 May I repair the item myself ?

Yes , you may purchase the wide array of spare parts available at Boxboss to repair the item yourself. As the finishing product is highly dependent on the soldering skills, we do not take responsibility for your outcome if you choose to repair the item on your own.

 What if I do not have whatsapp or I refuse to whatsapp due to some undisclosed reason ( eg allergy to whatsapp )  ?

You can email your video of your issue to info@65drones.com. We can provide support via email . However , reply will be intermittent and may take up to 2 weeks to resolve your issue.

You can also visit our Office  at

18 Sin Ming Lane Midview City


Singapore 573960

If you stay in the west/ north/north-east/ north-west / south-east /south west/central and refuse to take an MRT or your own vehicle to reach our service centre which is located in the east, you may ship the item to us. We are not responsible for your shipping fees or items lost in mail ( if you opt for non registered mail) or your opportunity cost of queuing up at the post office to ship the item 

You may ship to

65drones pte ltd

22 sin ming lane, midview city


Singapore 573969

Important notes :

Definition of authorized retailers

65drones products purchased at our authorized retailers bear the 65drones label.
We will only honor warranty  which bear the 65drones label and with an official original receipt , indicating the purchase date from our authorized retailers.

65drones label must be intact for repair services.
We do not repair products which do not bear the 65drones label on the package.

7 days warranty covers only manufacturer defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear , aesthetic defects and wilful and negligent usage by the user which deviate from usual operating methods as indicated on the instruction manual and on 65drones website

Examples that the warranty do not cover

1) User's damage to the exterior of the drone due to crashes

2) Broken propellers/ propeller guards.

3) modification to the drone causing dysfunction.

4) Overcharged battery

5) Over-usage ( wilfully operating the device despite blinking lights which indicate low battery)

6) impaired performance of the drone due to particles such as dust and hair stuck on the propeller

7) Poor motor skills of the user

User's responsibilities

1) Buyer must be in good health, with reasonable degree of motor skills and eyesight to operate the device.

2) As instruction manual and blog is in english, user must know basic english with adequate comprehension skills and is mentally sound with basic common sense.

3) Parental guidance is strictly required for kids below 14 years old.

4) User must read the instruction manual , 65drones help blog or whatsapp to 65drones technical whatsapp line if they can't operate the device.

5) User is encouraged to read CAAS rules on safe flying.

We are not responsible for any misuse or mishap, especially if users are not in a SOUND  condition OR HAVE UNREASONABLE EXPECTATION  in operating the device.

As this is a tactical product, it takes practice to fly it skillfully.

Definition of reasonable expectation :

After our assistance , the drone is able to fly.

definition of fly: All motors are working , all propellers are all spinning . Drone flies up.

Definition of unreasonable expectations :

User expect the drone to operate anything beyond  a toy drone.

Examples of unreasonable expectations:

Users expect to fly the drone like a world champion or the next up rising racing superstar without prior practice .

Users expect  to operate the drone without reading the instruction manual .

User expect the mini drone to have the SAME technical capabilities as a professional grade drone which will otherwise cost a few thousands dollars.

User expect the drone to run on celestial power /solar energy/unorthordox power and refuse to exercise due dilligence in usage of the drone ( eg charging the battery and over-using of the device).
The toy drone transmitter runs on normal AA battery and normal electric supply to charge the lithium battery.


Disclaimer : Product video and demonstration are for illustration only. Actual flight performance depends on the skills of the user.


65 Drones


65 Drones

Hi Barry,

Try this two methods
1) Remove all the propellers and insert again. You might have put in the propellers wrongly. The propellers are marked as clockwise and anti clockwise ( A and B)

2) Calibrate the accelerometer.

Please refer to https://www.65drones.com/blogs/funfly-tricks-hacks/troubleshooting-guide-to-mini-drones
select your drone model and follow the troubleshooting tip.

65 Drones

Any idea why only 2 propellors rotate ever
Can get the drone to fly

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