About Us

About Us

It all started with 15 CX10 and a cat ......

The first 15 CX 10

Mr Cat,our very first fan which absolutely loved watching CX 10 perform stunts in the air.

Formerly known to our customers as Oh Boy shop, we started our humble beginnings on end July 2014 on Carousell ( an online selling platform in Singapore) , operating from our mobile phones and meeting up at MRT stations selling RC products,until we got our own retail space which is a tiny box at a retail boxshop, selling our very first batch of 15 CX10 .

Fuelled by our passion for value-for-money drones and their parts, we endeavor to provide this hobby as accessible and affordable to our customers , so that all users regardless of race, age ,purchasing power and even gender, may enjoy this awesome aerial hobby ,viewing this world as carefree as a bird in the sky.

Our name “ 65drones” was inspired from the independence of Singapore in 1965. As a young nation, Singapore had grown from strength to strength, remaining steadfast and reliable, despite odds and calamities. 65drones symbolizes reliable online drone shopping , always behind all your drone needs , growing with you as you advances in this hobby.

Today, our products are available at major retailers islandwide in Singapore. Our 3d printed collection are proudly made in Singapore and marketed overseas .

We have progressively rolled out a spectrum of " drone media marketing" activities which capture the very essence of drone-related activities , providing a unique outreach to different type of audience.

Featured in the media

All about drone media marketing

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