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Instructions for DIY kit 

How to convert your E011/E011c into a hovercraft? -click here for the tutorial.

How to remove the music fromE011C?

 Cut the red and blue wire as per per indicated in the picture below.

Please click to know more on warranty matters and 3 simple steps to request technical support via whatsapp



 Common Issues of Eachine 010

1) How do I change the propellers?

Please do not use your fingers to violently remove the propellers. You are encouraged to use a plier to gently remove the propellers. As there are intricate wiring beneath the motors, force will break the wiring and void the warranty.

2) My 010 couldn't fly up/ fly side way/ keep on flipping


Your propellers are placed wrongly .

Please ensure your propellers match the picture as per below.

B- the top blade is curved towards the left

A- the top blade is curved towards the right

 3) My 010 keeps on blinking. I am not able to bind the E010 to the controller.

a) Check that the battery is fully charged. Blinking is a sign of low battery if you have attempted to pair the quad to the controller.

b) If battery is fully charged , check that propellers are placed correctly.


4) My E010 do not fly at all / fly in a maniac manner.

a) Check that propellers are placed correctly

b) If propellers are placed correctly,check that there are lights on the E010.

If there is light, you need to calibrate the accelerometer of the 010.

Pair the e010 to the controller.

- Insert the battery wire into the slot to power up the drone

- Switch on the controller

- Move the left stick up.

- Move the left stick down.


Then move both sticks to the bottom left corner as shown in the below picture . Hold it until the E010 stop blinking.


5) My E010 is dead. There are no movement . No light

a) Change the battery of the controller

b) Change a new battery for the E010

c) If above do not work, most likely the motors are spoilt. You may contact our service centre for repair. Fees apply.


6) I accidentally break the wires of the motors of E010.

a) You can solder the wires back. Please see below video

b) If you do not know how to solder, kindly contact our service centre for repair.

Fees apply.

How to modify Eachine 010

Few ways of modifying. Soldering skills and knowledge is required to modify Eachine 010.

1& 2) Cut the propellers and modify the battery

3) Upgrade the motors


4) Mount the vtx cam and run it with another radio transmitter

 Click here to find out how to troubleshoot E015- 3 in 1drone 

65 Drones


65 Drones

I don’t know how to take off my E010 propellers.I want to remove them in order to replace them as they are quite worn down.But I don’t know how to.Could you tell me how to?

65 Drones

I thought I would leave a note for the problem I had and how I fixed it. Out of the box, the E010 would just flip over. If I held it in my hand, I could see all 4 motors spinning, but only one was pushing hard. Every few seconds, the E010 would spin down one motor and spin up the next one.

To fix the problem, I held both joysticks to the bottom left for a few seconds (at about the 7:00 position). The picture on this page called it “Reset the Course”, whatever that means.

Now it flies normally.

65 Drones

Hi Hamada,

Sounds like short circuit issue. You will need to get the flight controller replaced
Do all 4 motors start spinning , despite not being paired?
or only 1 or 2 motors start spinning?

65 Drones

I’m in trouble. The E011 LED doesn’t flashing (lightening), motors work suddenly,When battery is connected to E011.

65 Drones

Hi triston,

can’t pinpoint the cause as never came across this issue.
my guess is a faulty flight controller.

65 Drones

I wasn’t detailed enough in my last comment. When I plug the battery into my E010 the lights stay solid even though my controller isn’t paired. I searched online a bunch and I can’t seem to find anyone with this same problem.

The the light on the controller does go solid once I move the stick up and then back down again showing that it is paired, but I still have no control over the drone. The drone light never blinks, from the moment I plug the battery in the light is solid.

65 Drones

Hi Tristan,

If the light on the drone stays solid, it means it is paired and ready to fly.

If it blinks on the drone, it means it is not paired to the controller at all OR there is not enough battery.

If it blinks on the controller, it means there is not enough battery on the controller or simply it is not the right controller for the drone.

65 Drones

My led light that would normally start blinking when ready to bind, wont blink. When I plug in the battery the light just stayed solid.

Please help, this is still a fairly new quad to me.

65 Drones

Hi Daan,

Do all 4 motors spin once the battery is plugged in?
Sounds like a short circuit issue. It might be more worthwhile to get a new piece

65 Drones

Help, when i put in the battery the motors start running immedeatly. On eachine e10. I have 5 battery and tried them all even with poles changed

65 Drones

Hi Mike,

Probably propellers are placed wrongly or you need to calibrate it.

If propellers are placed correctly and you have done the calibration, It is the flight controller or motors which are weak.

Also, if different types of propellers are used ( instead of the provided) , it might cause the issue too.

65 Drones

Hi, I have new batteries and fully charged batteries. The drone has stopped taking off. It sounds like it has full power, though it cannot lift off from its surface. Can this be explained please ?

65 Drones

Hi rusell,

You need to charge the battery till the red light goes off on the usb cable. approx 45 mins.

There is no on/off button. Once the battery is fully charged, and the wires are engaged , red blinking lights will appear on the drone.

if after pairing, the lights on the drone are still blinking. It indicates either
1) a wrong controller
2) Still low battery

if completely no lights on the drone after a full charge, most prob the flight controller( circuit board) is spoilt or the battery is spoilt.

65 Drones

Got my e010 went to charge battery, red light was on when i plugged in usb to usb charger, then i connected battery to end of cable, red light stayed on, thinking it was charged i pluvged it into drone, no lights or power, repeated nothing! There is no on/ off switch correct? Instant power? Please help

65 Drones

Hi Mike,

It seems that the E010 cant bind to your controller

There are a few possibilities.
1) There is not enough battery in your controller.
solution: change the batteries

2) The controller that you use is not the RIGHT controller for the E010.
solution: you need to get a new E010 controller.
Note that not all E010 controller WORKS with any E010 drone.

Hope that helps.

65 Drones

Trying to callibrate, but when moving right stivk to lower left and holding it, it starts to blink but never stops unless i let go of stick..any info would be appreciated.

65 Drones

Hi Chris,

Seems like you have gotten a mode 1 transmitter.
The above guide is for mode 2 transmitter.

diff between mode 1 and mode 2-

65 Drones

I got my 010 in today and my controller stick backwards throttle is on the right stick instead of the left stick what’s up with that?

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