All about Eachine 010

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 Common Issues of Eachine 010

1) How do I change the propellers?

Please do not use your fingers to violently remove the propellers. You are encouraged to use a plier to gently remove the propellers. As there are intricate wiring beneath the motors, force will break the wiring and void the warranty.

2) My 010 couldn't fly up/ fly side way/ keep on flipping


Your propellers are placed wrongly .

Please ensure your propellers match the picture as per below.

B- the top blade is curved towards the left

A- the top blade is curved towards the right

 3) My 010 keeps on blinking. I am not able to bind the E010 to the controller.

a) Check that the battery is fully charged. Blinking is a sign of low battery if you have attempted to pair the quad to the controller.

b) If battery is fully charged , check that propellers are placed correctly.


4) My E010 do not fly at all / fly in a maniac manner.

a) Check that propellers are placed correctly

b) If propellers are placed correctly,check that there are lights on the E010.

If there is light, you need to calibrate the accelerometer of the 010.

Pair the e010 to the controller.

- Insert the battery wire into the slot to power up the drone

- Switch on the controller

- Move the left stick up.

- Move the left stick down.


Then move the right stick to the bottom left corner as shown in the below picture . Hold it until the E010 stop blinking.


5) My E010 is dead. There are no movement . No light

a) Change the battery of the controller

b) Change a new battery for the E010

c) If above do not work, most likely the motors are spoilt. You may contact our service centre for repair. Fees apply.


6) I accidentally break the wires of the motors of E010.

a) You can solder the wires back. Please see below video

b) If you do not know how to solder, kindly contact our service centre for repair.

Fees apply.

How to modify Eachine 010

Few ways of modifying. Soldering skills and knowledge is required to modify Eachine 010.

1& 2) Cut the propellers and modify the battery

3) Upgrade the motors


4) Mount the vtx cam and run it with another radio transmitter


65 Drones


65 Drones

Hi Chris,

Seems like you have gotten a mode 1 transmitter.
The above guide is for mode 2 transmitter.

diff between mode 1 and mode 2-

65 Drones

I got my 010 in today and my controller stick backwards throttle is on the right stick instead of the left stick what’s up with that?

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