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Please watch the below video on how to operate your CX 10D

Troubleshooting CX10D/CX10WD

1) The CX 10D / CX10WD is flying in an erratic manner . eg not flying up, drifting , flying in circles , flipping .

Solution : Check propeller alphabet underneath the propeller. Very likely, the propellers are not placed in correct position. Ensure that propellers are level and playing ground is even. When indoubt, change to a new set of propellers


2) CX10D/ CX10WD  is not moving at all. The lights are blinking on the CX10D

solution :If the lights on the CX10D are blinking, it either indicates that the CX10D is low in battery or pairing with the transmitter is unsuccessful .  Kindly charge the CX 10 D until the red light goes off on the USB cable.

If after a full charge, the CX 10D is still not flying and lights are blinking . please calibrate the accelerometer.

 If after calibration of the accelerometer and after a full charge , the CX10D still does not work. Kindly contact our service center to repair. Kindly note that we will only repair units which are bought from us at our authorized retailers with official 65drones label and receipt.  Diagnosis and repair charges apply if it is after warranty period.

3) One of my CX10D propeller stop spinning.

solution : The motor is likely to be spoilt for the propeller that is not spinning.

Solution : Replace the motor . You may either purchase the motor and fix it yourself . or you may contact our service centre to repair the CX10D. Repair fees and part cost apply

4. The propellers are broken . How to replace propellers

Solution : Please use a plier to remove and insert propellers.

5. I can't pair the transmitter to the CX 10D

Solution : please check that the transmitter has enough battery power. Change the AA batteries in the unit. In rare cases, the transmitter is faulty. You can purchase a spare transmitter from us.


6. My CX10D doesn't fly straight

Solution : trim the cx10d using the trim buttons.

If you still fail to get it to work, please click here for our whatsapp technical support.


FAQ on CX10D

 1) What are CX10D technical specifications?

Flight time : 5 mins

Control distance : 25 m

Charging time: 30 mins

Speed modes : 3 speed modes

Altitude hold : In altitude hold mode, Copter maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be controlled normally. This quality is useful for beginners.

 2) How to fly CX10D

Step 1 - Charging and inserting of batteries and propellers

Put 2 AA batteries into the controller

Using the USB cable, charge the CX10D drone just like how you will charge your mobile phone. Red light will appear on the USB cable. Once the red light goes off , the drone is fully charged. It will take around 20 to 30 mins for the drone to be fully charged.

Once the battery is fully charged, disengage the power.

IMPORTANT: over charging the battery will void the warranty

If you have removed the propellers and wish to insert them in again, kindly note the correct alphabet sequence. There is an alphabet at the bottom of each propeller. 

How to properly insert and remove propellers.

Please use a plier to insert and remove propellers , to prevent breaking the propellers

Step 2 - Pairing


Pairing is to bind the transmitter to the CX10D , so that the CX10D will listen to the command of the transmitter ( controller).

1) Switch on the transmitter by pushing the button to on.

Move the left stick fully up. the CX10d will blink and beep once.

Move the left stick fully down. CX10d stop blinking.

Once CX10D stops blinking, it is successfully paired.

flight time : press the one touch take off button in the middle. CX10D will fly up.

To stop, press the one touch landing button in the middle.


IMPORTANT : please stop playing when the CX10D is blinking, as that indicates low battery in the drone. Failure  to adhere will spoil the unit and void the warranty.


CX10D quick start video

3) Beyond basic flying- stunts and tricks
 Your CX10D has 3 speed modes.- Beginner, intermediate and advanced

To change flying modes , gently press the throttle stick. The transmitter will beep once, indicating beginner mode.  press twice for  for intermediate mode . Press thrice for advanced mode.



 4) How to calibrate the accelerometer?

Occassionally, your CX10D might have a bad crash, causing the senors to go haywire.

You will need to calibrate the accelerometer.


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