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65Drones enables educational providers, schools to curate exciting and engaging STEM activities with drones and our STEM education products. 65Drones supports education providers and partners with Knowledge, Infrastructure, Skill and Support (KISS).

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65Drones provides educational providers and partners with ongoing activity worksheets to keep cultivating and enhancing students' interest and competencies in  application of their STEM learning and coding knowledge, with drones and STEM products on value-in-action real-life use-cases. Knowledge offerings and competencies :

  • Offer ongoing lessons plans that emphasize on value-in-action use-cases or based on drone use-case in Singapore.
  • Deep technical knowledge on drone coding, drone security, DJI Tello EDU and Parrot drones.
  • Offer technical knowledge hotline to support educational partners' curriculum development and delivery.
  • Application-centric drone coding training
  • Parrot coding using python

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Educational providers and partners can create a safe environment for students to experiment their drone creation, and exciting obstacles challenges with 65Drones Drone Xperience Cage completed with LEDs and obstacles challenge props. 65Drones offers education providers and partners with DJI Tello EDU drone at affordable rate and other STEM robots.


As seen on Vasantham Central

  • Leasing of Drone Xperience Cage for safe and engaging drone obstacles environment, LED drone obstacles and props. Custom-made props are available.

  • Economical Gazebo tentage - allows you to customize whatever size you require.
  • Leasing and sales of STEM capable drone (such as parrot and DJI Tello EDU drone) and other STEM educational products
  • Provide packages and disposable software to make complex coding easier.


65Drones offers train-the-trainer or train the students to enable educational providers and partners to offer STEM trainings with drone and drone coding such as:

  • Offer training on DJI Tello EDU in python and swift languages, especially swarm coding and harnessing capabilities of Tello EDU for application such as AI and computer vision. Other STEM drone platform are available upon request.
  • Design-A-Drone training for STEAM (Science and Art) fun.


65Drones provides hardware and software support on STEM drone and STEM education products .Terms and conditions applies. 

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