Please read this before flight - mini drones

The Dos

1) Charge the battery before use

2) Read the instructions before operating

3) Calibrate the accelerometer each time the mini drone suffer a " crash"

4) Store your mini drone in a cool and dry place


Source : CAAS


The Don'ts

1) Don't overcharge the battery. Remove charger once it is fully charged.

2) Don't fly the drone when the lights are blinking on the drone in the middle of the flight.


Source : CAAS


Useful tips for parents

While kids are generally very good in operating mini drones, do note the following tips to ensure a more pleasant bonding experience.

1) When mini drones are flown outdoor, do observe wind condition. As the mini drone weighs less than a potato chip, strong wind will easily blow it away.

2) For kids below 14 years old, parental supervision is required when operating the mini drone

a) The battery should always be charged by an adult

b) Stop the kid from playing the drone when drone is in low battery condition ( lights blinking)

c) Do place propeller guard on the drone to childproof it and to prevent damage to your furniture in the event of " crashes"

3) For outdoor play, do bring a powerbank to charge the drone .

Do you know that as the mini drones are 2.4 ghz, up to 8 players can play at the same time.

You could start a mini race at your backyard!

Steps to run your mini race

To allow multiple players to play at the same time, bind the drone at different timing for each player. Once all drones are paired , all player can start flying the drones at the same time.

Step 1: Ensure that all the drones are switched off , except for the one which is binding.

Step 2: Bind the drone of the first player.

Binding means linking the drone to the wifi fpv / transmitter , so that the respective transmitter may direct the specific drone.

Step 3: Once the first player drone is bind, the second player will power up his drone. All other drones will be power off , except for the drone which has been bind and the second player drone which is binding. In summary, when a drone is being bind, all other drones should be power off or have already been bind.

Step 4: repeat step 1 to step 3 until all players drones are bind

Step 5: Race time !


 Have fun!

Please click to know more on warranty matters and 3 simple steps to request technical support via whatsapp


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