How to Fly and troubleshoot EachineE58- The complete guide for beginners

Please watch below video on a quick start guide to operating E58.

Credits:Albert Kim

How to use phone to fly E58


Troubleshooting E58

Common Issue 1:

Motors move at different speeds as per below video

Credits : 65drones customer


Solution: Calibrate the E58.

It is good practice to calibrate the E58 , before every usage ,or when it suffered any previous " crashes" 

Note : Please place E58 on a flat ground before you calibrate .

How to calibrate E58


You can reset the Eachine E58’s gyro settings in two different ways, either using the remote control or through the JY UFO phone APP.

Calibrating the Eachine E58 by remote controller

  • Step 1: Turn on the remote controller;
  • Step 2: Long press the power switch to turn ON the Eachine E58;
  • Step 3: Place the drone on a horizontal surface;
  • Step 4: Bind the transmitter with the drone by pushing the throttle stick to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position. Solid light will indicate successful bind;
  • Final step: Move both sticks to lowest right corner (like in the image above) for about 2-3 seconds. LED lights will start to flash rapidly. Wait few seconds till the lights are solid again and you are done.

Calibrating the Eachine E58 by phone APP

Calibrating the Eachine E58 through APP is even more easier. After you connected to drone with your phone. You need to enter the settings menu (like in the image bellow) and select the “Gyro calibrate” icon. First, the LEDs will start to flash rapidly, than steady on. Finish! That was all, you are done and ready for your next flight 🙂


Common Issue 2: After changing the propellers,the E58 is not able to fly up/fly sideway/fly in circle.

Solution: Check that the propeller alphabet matches picture ( as per page 2 of your instruction manual).


Common Issue 3: Loss of Power and connection while mid flight or upon take off

Solution : If you are using wifi to fly the E58 , ensure wifi connection is strong before you go ahead. We suggest to use the remote controller to control the E58 and using the wifi to fly it fpv.

If you are using the controller to fly the E58 and there is loss of power and connection,check that battery is securely inserted in.

* The " clasp" as circled should be fully inserted into the drone, leaving onlythe horizontal markings visible at the exterior.

If inserted properly,It should look linear at the front of the E58.

 Common Issue 4: I am able to start the drone but I do not know how to move the drone in different directions.

Solution : After pairing the drone and launching it successfully in the air,move the control sticks according to the labels below.

Please note that the front of the E58 is the front with the camera ,from the E58 perspective.  If you want to fly it in your perspective, activate the headless mode.

Common Issue 5: After a few " crashes", one or more of the motors are dead.

Definition of dead motor: There is no movement on the propeller.

Solution: E58 is a solderless quadcopter which works on a simple plug and play system. You have to unscrew the E58, remove the dead motor and insert a new motor. No special equipment such as soldering gun is required.  You will need a screwdriver to unscrew .

Picture above showing removal of faulty motor.



Plug in the new motor and screw back the exterior.


Common Issue 6: After calibration, my e58 is still not able to fly perfectly straight, even in low winds conditions.

Solution : After pairing the E58,please trim the E58, according to the picture below. Page 4 of instruction manual.

In short, if the quad drifts to the right, u tune to the left and vice versa according to the direction it drifts.


Still can't get it to work?

Whatsapp our technical support at 81720298 ( only for E58 which are bought from our authorised retailers).

Click here to find out how to troubleshoot E015

65 Drones


65 Drones

I had problem with my E58 drone. Suddenly it cannot take off. It seemed that one of the propeller is not lifting the drone.

please advise what to do and how to diagnose it or setting is required ?

appreciate your input. thank you

65 Drones

I too had the problem of one motor rotating and the only way to stop it was to remove the battery. I resolved the issue by returning the E58 to the seller and they refunded the purchase price. Clearly this is a fault with the hardware or software which the manufacturers are happy to ignore and a real issue with a cloned product with no after sales support.

65 Drones

hi Richard,

the most economical way is to buy a new e58 flight controller ( can easily get from banggood) and replace it. It might help solve your issue.

65 Drones

I have two E58 both have been flown indoors mostly.and both have taken many crashes into almost every thing in the living room. The newer of the two suddenly started flying bat crap crazy. When launched off the floor to would wildly speed off in one direction easy enough nope no effect. Had to wait for good weather to try outside. When launched outdoors same results as indoors. Just would not fly properly zoom of in what ever direction it chose. Multiple re.cals. no effect.. what is next step to take ? I have been flying 3yrs so I’m familiar with the procedure on my birds, these two iv had approximately one mo is simple dont know what to do.. too new to part out would rather fix it if possible.. any info or tips would greatly appreciated.. for what they are and the technology the have they are lots of fun to fly, I really like the Echanie E58.. please help if possible
Thank you: Richard Shook north Idaho USA..

65 Drones

ou trouver le mode d’emploie en français

65 Drones

Hi Rob,

suggest you change the circuit board if possible.

65 Drones

Hi Brad,

To start the drone,you have to switch on the controller.
Move the left joystick up .Move the left joystick down.
light should turn solid on the drone.

press the launch button ( button pointing up) on the centre of the controller.The drone will fly up and hover.

65 Drones

Similar to Ben G ( comment from 15 Feb) – I can connect to the Wifi network but cannot get the live video stream. All mobile devices are up to date. Tried it on several ios and android devices , with both JY-UFO and EACHINE FLY apps … still no video :-(

65 Drones

My Eachine e58 came up with an problem.
one of it’s motor is just spinning even it is off.
the other three motors are fine.but when i plug in the battery, one of that motor just starts spinning.

65 Drones

I have the same problem as Stephen Cob, When I plug in the battery (even withe the controller off) one of the motors keeps running and the quad copter does not respond to any commands.
Could this be an issue with the circuit board? of software? I have not used it much and this is very annoying. Thanks

65 Drones

my e58 will NOT take off with the left controller joystick. I keep reading that if I push up the blades will spin but only one touch takeoff starts the motors. am I missing something, is there something wrong, or what?

65 Drones


Have the same issue as David:

Viewed your beginners video. Inserted micro sd card into slot as shown on video. Card seemed to go in TOO easily and seemed to just drop all the way into slot to point that I COULD NOT retrieve it. Now I can hear it rattling loose in the slot. HOW DO I GET IT OUT?

65 Drones

Hi Stephen Cob,

Calibrate the e58 and see if problem happens again.
If it does,u will either have to change the flight controller and/or the motor

65 Drones

Hi Angel,

Maybe your remote controller is faulty.

65 Drones

HI Darcel,

Pls calibrate the e58
If it cant solve theproblem,
You will have to unplug the spoilt motor and insert a new one.

65 Drones

i see that others have the same issue i have plug the battery , and one engine starts, even with the the drone off, the only way, to to shut off is to pull the battery out, it was working before this happened any help ???

65 Drones

Viewed your beginners video. Inserted micro sd card into slot as shown on video. Card seemed to go in TOO easily and seemed to just drop all the way into slot to point that I COULD NOT retrieve it. Now I can hear it rattling loose in the slot. HOW DO I GET IT OUT?

65 Drones

I can’t pair controller to that drone . I can only fly the E58 with app, I have 6 drones and that includes tha mavic. I put lever up and down and nothing happens, in only two occasions it flew with REMOTE. Can anyone help pls.

65 Drones

It appears it is not compatible with Tab A. Are there any apks that work with the Tab A? Thx

65 Drones

Hi. My e58 is bought 2 weeks ago. I’ve been practicing on how to operate it and fortunately I can manage though not that good. But just today, 3rd tries I did to fly it and the last try suddenly crashed sideward just an inch above the ground. When I saw it, only 1 propeller is spinning even though I already turned the switch off and also the controller. I have to remove the battery for the propeller to stop spinning. The remaining 3 propellers are still good but when the 1 in faulty is attach to its motor, the 3 won’t work. Please help me.

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