DJI Online Robomaster Challenge Prize Recipients


Prizes will be distributed after verification of students' profiles with the teachers . Please allow up to 2.5 months for the issuance of the participation certificates and distribution of prizes . Prizes will be handed to the teachers in charge for distribution. 

Click here for the prizes 

For students with the same scores, the ranking is based on the earliest timing of submission. 

Below list is not final and subject to verification of student's profiles.

For discrepancy of results, please email your screenshot of your score to by 30th April 2022. Requests made after 30th April 2022 will not be entertained. 

65drones and DJI education reserve the right for the final outcome .

For further queries, please email 

Click here for the DJI Robomaster Youth Championship

Ranking School Name Score Prize
1 Nanyang Polytechnic Tan Xue En 596 DJI Robomaster TT Drone worth $370
2 Rulang Primary School Zheng Haoyun 552 DJI Robomaster TT Drone worth $370
3 Telok Kurau Primary School ZAHEEN 517 DJI Robomaster TT Drone worth $370
4 Rulang Primary School Chew Khai Hng 508 DJI Tello EDU drone worth $209
5 DPS International School terence chan 506 DJI Tello EDU drone worth $209
6 nanyang polytechnic yeo darren 502 DJI Tello EDU drone worth $209
7 Telok Kurau Primary School AKSHIT 489 DJI Tello EDU drone worth $209
9 Bukit Panjang Primary School Lee Jung Kye 474 DJI Tello EDU drone worth $209
10 Rulang Primary School cenzz128 467 DJI Tello EDU drone worth $209
11 St Gabriel's secondary school Donavan Long Tian Dong 458 $100 Voucher
12 St Gabriel's Secondary School matz law yu hui 443 $100 Voucher
13 to be verified  shacklebolt taylor 440 $100 Voucher
14 Telok Kurau Primary School HONGMIN 433 $100 Voucher
15 Telok Kurau Primary School JOSHUA 429 $100 Voucher
16 Telok Kurau Primary School Zin 428 $100 Voucher
17 St. Gabriel's Secondary School Akshaj 427 $100 Voucher
18 Telok Kurau Primary School RIYAS 426 $100 Voucher
19 Telok Kurau Primary School KIERAN 426 $100 Voucher
20 Telok Kurau Primary School SHARLYZ 425 $100 Voucher
21 Telok Kurau Primary School SHENG YAO 425 DJI souvenir
22 Telok Kurau Primary School MARCO 425 DJI souvenir
23 St gabriels secondary school Haresh 424 DJI souvenir
24 Telok Kurau Primary School Kai Chun 423 DJI souvenir
25 St Gabriel Secondary School SAM DING XUE  423 DJI souvenir
26 Telok Kurau Primary School Carlson 420 DJI souvenir
27 Telok Kurau Primary School Jin 420 DJI souvenir
28 St gabriel Secondary Snowy787 419 DJI souvenir
30 Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Seccondary School SharleneSoh 419 DJI souvenir
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