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NEW Drone Games /Carnival Activities-

* Land a drone with drone a banner 

* Drone Triathlon ( land sea and air)

* LED drones tryout /symphony

* Design Command FLY freeflow workshops

* Drone Wefie

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Build a santa claus drone workshop


As featured on Vasantham kid Central,


On channel news Asia on CAAS drone showcase


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Below is our whole suite of drone media marketing products and services

Drone Retail/Wholesale

i) Retail/ wholesale of mini drones

ii) Bulk purchase of components (free express shipping for minimum order)

Drone-a-banner services

Drone Events


1) The Drone Xperience Cage- Everyone can fly a drone

1st type : Small cage- up to 5m by 5m by 5m ( as seen in below video)

The drone cage is adjustable according to space requirements . ( from 1.5m by 1.5m by 2 m to 5m by 5m by 5m)


 Different set up of obstacles 

a) non led


c) "off the alarm" led

Customized your cage to spice up your event


Xmas Theme

Countdown theme

 2) Other sizes - may be customized.


2nd type:Large Cage - Truss with Net

Complete with scoring and live feed system for drone challenge.

Automated scoring system



 3rd Type :Economical Tentage Cage 

Minimum size is 3m by 3m by 3m , may be expanded in increment of 3m( breadth)  by 3m (length)

3m by 3m by 3m




6m by 3m by 3m

ii) Drone workshops


a) Hack-A-Drone workshop


Click here for details


b) Build a drone workshop

Simple plug and play to teach the basics of quadcopter. Excellent family bonding activity.

Recommended:age 6 and above


iii) Office drone challenge

Dog fight in star wars style in the office.


iv) Aerial Photography / Videography ( Indoor /outdoor)

 v) Aerial Mapping and photography 


Drone Education

i) Discover Drones Education Kit

Other projects ..............

Nerf Gun with drones

- Dancing drone

- Drone Swarming -story telling

- Drone Laser tag/ drone swarming

- Advanced dancing drone formation

- Drone Soccer


Talk to us about your needs and we will offer a customized solution.



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