Drone laser tag Shooting game

How is the game played?

Family bonding fun

Duration : about 1to2 mins or after all the drones are shot down or when all the players " bullets" ran out" , whichever is earlier. 

No. of players per session : Comfortably 5 players

No. of drones: 7 to 10 drones.

Target audience: kids and families ( no min age , as long as the kid is able to hold a toy gun adequately , with the supervision of an adult. 

For participants as young as 4 years old

Task:  Each will be given a laser tag gun " containing " 10 bullets. Players are allowed to run around the perimeter of the cage to " shoot" the moving drones.

Each drone has " 24 lives" Once 24 lives are used up, the drone will slowly descend down. The game will end when all drones descend down.

Players may see their score on the gun. 

Scope for customisation : drones may play " peekaboo" with the audience against , succinctly displaying the brands and products as the props or backdrop.  May customise the " no. of bullets " , " no. of lives" , the " message" on the gun, " the peekaboo" formation .

Discover one north@REP2018-  Get playful with drones

USP : Engaging way to educate public on drone STEM and how drones may be incorporated into daily life.


Repost from participant 

  What is autonomous drone swarm ?

Click here for 3 unusual uses of drones for events. 

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