First look at Alien X6S- first mini hexacopter with HD camera now with headless mode


Since its launch in mid 2015, customers are awed by the functionality and uniqueness of Alien X6.
Unlike other quadcopter with 4 motors, Alien X6 has 6 motors beneath its spidey metallic frames , providing more stability to enable a good video taking session.

How about a superior twin of Alien X6?

65drones has gotten hold of the latest Alien X6S which is the upgraded version of Alien X6. Be the first few to fly Alien X6S as the item has not been released globally. You may purchase the item from selected retail boxes at SGD 89 from Friday onwards.

Let's look at the differences. For easy comparison, Alien X6 is marked in red while Alien X6s is marked in blue.

1) Useful Packaging

The box is made of good quality weather proof cardboard with magnetic clasp which provides easy access. It comes with a plastic handle for convenience. You do not need a drone bag to house the X6s .

left: alien x6 ,right:alienX6s

left: alien x6 ,right: alien x6s

2) Headless mode for beginners

It comes with headless mode , thus beginners may just concentrate on the photography or vid taking, without fussing over the direction of the drone.

Headless mode : It means that the quadcopter's direction of flight seen from your viewpoint follows the controls directly, no matter in which direction the quadcopter is pointing. So if you press the stick on the RX to the left the quadcopter will fly to the left from your viewpoint. Without headless mode the quadcopter would fly to the direction which is on the left side of the quadcopter, so if the quadcopter is pointing towards you it would fly to the right.

Three different modes

Beginner mode: sensitivity is 40%. When you push the throttle stick to highest point, the aircraft will rise slowly and flying height is approximately 4 meters. 
Standard mode: sensitivity is 40%-60%. Helicopter can do the backward flip automatically with one click.
Professional mode: sensitivity is 60%-100%. In this mode, player can do the backward, forward, left and right flip as they want.
Headless mode, home mode and rest mode.
Headless mode: no matter what the copter attitude, the copter do the direction by operation elevator/rudder stick as “forward/backward/left/right”. It is good for the beginner. 
Home mode: copter can memorize straight line and fly back as you want. 
Reset mode: Player just need to click one button to do the transmitter Stick calibration. 

left: Alien X6s, right Alien X6

3) Detailed finishing

The detailed interior finishing enables a better hold of the LED light and motor, providing even more stability.

 left: Alien X6s, right :Alien X6

left: Alien X6s , right : Alien X6

The specifications

65 Drones


65 Drones

Hi Charla,

You may check the number on your propellers. Most likely u put the propellers wrongly.

watch this video-

65 Drones

Hi. I have my alien-x6 two years ago, but until now i haven’t made it fly or use it. If I tried on making it fly, the propellers do spin but i doesn’t lift at all. I hope you can help me with this.

65 Drones

HI Greg,

You can consider the CX10WD TX which comes with altitude hold.

As for the battery life, drone battery generally do not enable the drone to fly beyond 15 mins. As most drones are multi-functional, beside flying, FPV wifi, camera and etc , this tend to shorten the battery life.

Fyi, even for the DJI professional drones which cost around a few k, the battery life is only around 15 mins.

Most users will bring along a handful of batteries for their outdoor trip, whether are they flying a toy grade drone like alien x6 or a professional grade one like DJI.

65 Drones

I bought the ‘Pro’ version. Controlling it is slightly difficult due to not having altitude hold. And the battery takes 3 hours to charge. I have a second battery which also takes 3 hours to charge. This is very silly. Charge 6 hours fly 15 minutes.

65 Drones

HI nicole,

alienx6s ( white box) does not have wifi fpv mode. You will not be able to connect to your ipad. The other model- alien x6pro ( black box) is the one with the wifi fpv mode.

65 Drones

Hi I’m having trouble connecting my iPad to the x6s. “ROA Hobby” does not appear in the wifi settings.

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