Breaking News: CX 10 stars sets new Guinness World records for smallest and lightest Nano RC Copter

Dating tip 101: Impress your date with quadcopter tricks . CX stars - the only dating gadget that you will ever need to impress any girl.


We are equally amazed by the dating tips in this cheesy video as we are on the micro size and functionalities of this quadcopter.

Introducing Cheerson CX- stars- The world's smallest rc quadcopter on Guinness Book of records.

This product is the miniature version of CX 10. It is very easy to navigate and suitable for kids aged 8 years old and above.

Key features :

  • Size group: Nano
  • Battery: 80mAh
  • Camera: N/A
  • Headless mode: No
  • Other: Fits in controller
  • Suitable for age group : 8 and above
  • Speed modes : 3
  • Range : 20 metres

    Review :

    We love how the quadcopter is able to fit into the controller which makes it very handy to carry around.  As the battery is smaller , the charge time for this quadcopter is shortened to 10 to 15 mins . The controller sticks are relatively easier to use and promises a smoother flight.  However due to its small size , it is not advisable to fly the quadcopter outdoors.

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