Learn to fly a fpv drone like a pro in 5 mins ! Drone giveaway at the end of post. Contest ends on 30th June 2016

Alien X6pro- Learn to fly a FPV drone like a pro in 5 mins . Drone giveaway to 2 lucky winners.

Drones were one of the most popular gifts last christmas . Move over the selfies... here come the dronies.  You have seen on numerous facebook feeds of  the experts' cool quad speeding effortlessly in all impossible angles .

Video credit:Johnny FPV

BUT .. these pictures are the reality. Epic drone disasters . Flying a drone is not second nature . Just like riding a bicycle or swimming, it takes some practice to do it correctly.

Picture source :  www.thesun.co.uk

Well, isn't there just one suitable beginner drone in the whole wide universe which can fly at your whim and fancies , at the touch of the remote?

The 65drones Alien X6pro -every beginner's dream drone

Fly FPV pro like a pro.

Get your alienx6pro here

We pilot tested the drone with a 70 year old granny. Watch granny in action.

Granny can fly fpv , so can you ! Learn how to fly Alien x6pro in a few minutes.

Click here to view the manuscript of this video.

Get your Alienx6pro here


1) Can you practise flying your alien X6pro indoor ?

Unlike monstrous size drones , AlienX6pro is small enough to be flown indoor without banging into your house furniture.  As it is a hexacopter with 6 motors instead of the conventional 4 motors on a quadcopter, it is very stable to be flown outdoor as well.

Yes, you can set the drone to beginner mode for indoor practice. At beginner mode, the drone will not fly higher than 30 cm.

2) Is it safe for kids ?

Each set of Alien x6 pro includes the propeller guards to prevent your propellers from cutting surface in contact. Adults supervision is recommended for kids below 14 years old.

3) Is it possible to advance your skills with this drone?

For beginner, you may practise at headless mode .   After you are used to the orientation , you may progress to the standard mode  and professional mode  (This cool device can fly up to 200 metres ). You may deselect the headless mode as you get used to operating the drone. If you are a beginner and you wish to take pictures and videos using the Alienx6pro, it is advisable to activate headless mode , so that you can concentrate on your photography and videography.

However, learning to fly the drone in non-headless mode allows you to progress to fly drones with more advanced UAV functions.

3) How do you impress your friends with your flying skills?

You can make the drone do a 360 degree flip by just clicking the button ( AUX 2), while taking video and photo of your endeavour by a simple click of another button ( AUX1).

Yes, it is as simple as clicking two buttons.

4) Can you do a FPV race with friends?

Yes, the alienx6 pro is 2.4ghz

hence it allows mutiple players to play at the same time.

To allow multiple players to play at the same time, bind the drone at different timing for each player. Once all drones are calibrated , all player can start flying the drones at the same time.

Step 1: Ensure that all the drones are switched off , except for the one which is binding.

Step 2:Bind the drone

Binding means linking the drone to the wifi fpv / transmitter , so that the respective transmitter may direct the specific drone.

Step 3: Once the first player drone is bind, the second player will power up his drone. All other drones will be power off , except for the drone which has been bind and the second player drone which is binding.

Step 4: repeat step 1 to step 3 until all players drones are bind

Step 5: Race time !

Click here to purchase Alienx6pro online.

AlienX6pro ( retail price: SGD 129)  and Alienx6s ( retail price: SGD 89) are available for sale at the following locations

Dacube@ serangoon Nex Mall
Boxboss@ Century Square
Boxboss@ Clementi Mall
Toy outpost @ Waterway point
Toy outpost @ Vivocity

Giveaway time ! Two lucky winners will each walk away with a spanking new set of Alien X6 pro . Contest will end on 30th June 2016.

To participate in the giveaway ,please follow the below 2 simple steps:

1) Like 65drones on facebook . 

2) Comment on this blogpost comment bar below.Comment in more than 3 sentences on why you should win the Alien X6pro.
Like and share this post on facebook , so that your friends may also win a set to do a FPV race with you.

You can also comment on cheekiemonkie post .  For Cheekiemonkie readers, contest end on 15th June 2016.

Contest is closed.

Cheekiemonkie winner : Kathy Woon Tan

Second winner : Joey, commented 7 Jun, 13.55.





65 Drones


65 Drones

Hope to win this not just for myself, also for my hubby and son. It’s gonna be fun playing with the drone as it gives u the chance to take aerial pics, making photoshoot a totally different experience. When my son grows up, I’m gonna pass this to him to play. Pretty sure he will love it too!

65 Drones

I would like to win the Alien X6pro for my children because they never have the chance to fly a drone before. I can imagine their happiness if I can win for them. This is the dream drone for every beginner! Thank you for the awesome giveaway. :)

65 Drones

Drones are fun, drones are exciting, drones are educational and my children would love it!

65 Drones

Hope to win as
1. I do not own a drone at present.
2. It would be fun taking aerial pictures with a drone.
3. Would love to share this happiness with my children.

65 Drones

I would love to win Alien X6Pro as this is what my son dreams of and hope to own one. It will be very rewarding and fun experience as we will be at home most of the time and the kids will have lots of fun and quality family time together trying to learn and control it. Drone Drone Alien X6Pro here we come!

65 Drones

I would love to win this for my hubby and my boy. It would be a great bonding session if both of them can play with the drone together, My hubby wants my boy to be a pilot when he grows up, so now we are trying to get him interested in air crafts and the mechanism in operating something which can fly. For me, being an photography enthusiast, I would like to try aerial photography with it!

65 Drones

Would love to own this Alien X6Pro so that we could have quality bonding with my son who is a fan and dream of owing one. He will be so thrilled and excited if we are able to fly one nearby our house together with his sisters. New and special experience for us as most of the time they will be staying at home therefore it will be a great opportunity for them to have some fun kicking flying time.

65 Drones

Move aside selfie stick! I want to win the Alien X6pro because I want to use it to take awesome family wefies!
Being beginner friendly, I’m determined to pick it up to show off my skills to my husband, who always laughs at my eye-hand-leg non-coordination. And how cool is it to hide at home to practice, and not having to worry about having kids around since it is kids safe!

Liked & shared! (^ー^)ノ☆

65 Drones

I should win the Alien X6pro because flying a FPV drone is my dream and I hope to make my wish come true! I think this is a really fun and cool activity. Plus, I want to show off my flying skills to my family and friends. :)

65 Drones

A need to cultivate patience to my son and furthermore he love everything that can fly! Hope to win for him and this create family bonding for us to explore the impossible

65 Drones

I would like to win this drone for my son, Xavier who is taking his PSLE this year. After his exam, I would like him to spend time on further exploring meaningful hobby like flying a drone than all times on iPad. I hope he could combine his skills on pennyboard, drone and take aerial pictures to enhance his skills on youtubing

65 Drones

shared post URL

i am a big starwars fan and in starwars there is the speeder bike race and also the pod race.
I can only race them on my xbox and the experience was not as expected so i can only race in my dreams.
Then drones came and my dreams is alive again
With the Alien X6pro, my dream od pod racing is alive again.

65 Drones

The drone would be such great activity for my son and husband. I can imagine my son squeal in excitement while playing at the big field near our place.

65 Drones

My kids and I are just so fascinated about drones and aerial photography. We have seen people flying these babies in the open fields in our neighbourhood. They look fun and frolicsome! We hope to win so we can so we can get ourselves acquainted with these cool gadgets. Thanks for the chance to lift-off! ?

65 Drones

I haven’t owned nor flown a drone before but I have always wanted one because I’m fascinated in this hot new technology. Flying a drone looks very fun and enjoyable, especially with a capable one like the Alien X6 Pro. Winning one would take fun to new heights! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

65 Drones

We have seen so many people playing drones and the kids would love to have one to play. This is good to train their eyes and hands coordination. We, the parents, being engineers would never say to such electronic toys.

65 Drones

We are running out of things to do with our little boys in singapore. There’s an open field at the neighbourhood. Would be nice if we can fly the drone there and chill as a family.

65 Drones

I wanna win this for my three sons who love flying gadgets! I wanna be the in Mom for them!

65 Drones

Hi im ahmad im a begginer drone flyer and im taking into the next step of starting fpv flying
I never fly an fpv drone before but i was amazed when i found out about fpv they say it felt realistic
Thats why i just wish i have a fpv drone so that i could fly to places i cant see , take more ariel photography and videography along the way if i have an fpv drone
Thanks for reading

65 Drones

My grandfather who has just retired from his job as a security guard will love this. He can pass his time playing this drone with his friends at the void deck.

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