Free giveaway! DYS SE2205 2300Kv, 1kg++ thrust!


Announcement time !

The two winning entries go to

1) TM ( commented Mar 17, 6:29am)

2) Adzlan ( commented Mar 18, 11:01am)

TM and Adzlan, please check your email.

As an appreciation of the participation, other commenters will each receive an exclusive 65drones discount code of USD 5 off any purchase above USD10. Discount code will be sent to the commenters' email addresses in their entries by Wednesday ( 30th March 2016). If you do not receive your discount code by 30th March 2016, please email to .


Contest is closed. We no longer accept entries for this contest.

Results will be released on 29th March 2016 on 65drones facebook and instagram.

Stay tune.

DYS Special Edition 2205 2300Kv motor draws wow in forum for its 1kg+ thrust ability and uses N52 magnets. This is pretty close contender to RS2205.

QuadMcFly (a renowned tester and critic of motors, escs) said "a VERY interesting motor from DYS, the 2205 2300kv Special Edition. This is like nothing I've ever seen from DYS before. It's possible they pulled an Emax on us. I'll be very curious to see the results."

We have 2 sets to give away to 2 lucky winners.

To participate, please comment in two sentences or more below on the fun of FPV flying and email your address to The best comment wins.

Contest ends 24th March 2016 so start commenting now. Like and share this post.

Find out more and order at here 

65 Drones


65 Drones

Fpv flying makes me fly in the air like never before. I like it as it relaxes me. We build a drone using which parts which we buy separately. The satisfaction of looking at something you created flying in the air controlled by yourself, there no much bigger satisfaction. Everybody’s drone creation is unique. There is a very high chance that nobody else created the same as you. My dream career is to become a pilot fpv drone is the best way for me to have a feeling of how would it be like and give me a basic idea how it would be like.

65 Drones

FPV: feel like you’re flying like Superman, have a tech cave like Batman – what’s not to love !

65 Drones

The joy of FPV is the journey as a whole. We spend countless hours building a machine, soldering cutting and putingg together. Countless hours of tuning and a few crashes a long the way. however that moment when we get down to our favorite spot and everything “works”, seeing the sky and mother nature the way an FPV pilot sees it, that whole journey is worth it. Its a feeling unlike any other….

65 Drones

Fpv drones set my mind free
For only a small fee
Soaring in the infinite sky
Feeling myself fly
Visions beyond my eyes
Wandering in nature’s delight
Letting my imagination take flight
Controlling the drone’s journey
Choosing it’s destiny

65 Drones

Siao eh, love your motor,

Techno Beats

ohhhh Oooo Ohh

Motor motor motor motor motor motor motor

65 Drones

Why do I fly FPV?
I fly coz it takes me to a place, away from earthly troubles,
And closer to a piece of heaven, where
I can look down, to realise that I’m bigger than my problems,
And I can look up, to see my brighter future.
Why do I fly FPV?
I fly to be free…..
I fly to be better than I used to be.

65 Drones

Ah. The joy of FPV flying. It gives you wings when you have none. It let’s you soar to heights you never knew. For a person with disabilities, having the ability to fly is an out of this world experience.
If you like to know more about FPV flying and it’s wonders, come fly with me.

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