Here's how to make LS-F3+OSD F3 OSD integrated Flight Controller work for you!

Following are questions on F3 with integrated OSD Flight Controller (LS-F3+OSD v1), and answers from the manufacturer and tested by 65Drone. If you have other questions, add it to the comments and 65Drones will find them for you.

LS-F3+OSD is available at

How do I update the OSD firmware?

1. Connect the OSDUP to the 3.3v as shown below (yellow line).

LS-F3 OSD v1 OSDUP (OSD update pin)

2. Connect the FC to your PC via USB and power the FC. You will see the green light on the side the OSDUP blinking.

3. Follow the MWOSD install guide to flash the OSD firmware. At Arduino IDE, make sure you use Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 5V, 16MHz, w/ ATmega328. (Go to menu Tools > Board > Arduino Pro or Pro Mini 5V, 16MHz, w/ ATmega328.)

How do I configure the OSD on the FC?

1. Connect the OSDUP to the 3.3v as shown above (yellow line).

2. Connect the FC to your PC via USB and power the FC. You will see the green light on the side the OSDUP blinking.

3. Use MWOSD-GUI to configure the OSD.

How do go into bootloader mode?

1. Connect the BT pins as shown below (red line).

LS-F3+OSD Bootloader pin

 What are the supported firmware?

Download and use this Cleanflight firmware (Cleanflight-LSF3) or Betaflight (Betaflight-LSF3). These work.

The latest Betaflight can found here: Thanks Samuel.


How to connect a buzzer to the board?

Connect the + and - of the buzzer as shown below.

LS-F3+OSD Buzzer connection

65 Drones


65 Drones

Hi. Thanks for the great work, this page got my first quad with this FC flying. But after several months, my OSD seem to be acting up, it will work randomly. The FC still seem to work though. Why suggestions where I should start looking?

65 Drones


Is there going to be an updated Cleanflight or Betaflight for this board? Source code to be able to make our own builds would be nice.


65 Drones

Is this board still being supported?

65 Drones

Does anyone face any issues with using blhelisuites to program the esc?

I flashed my FC using the LS-F3 firmware. I have no issues with OSD. Only cant get blhelisuites to communicate with my esc. Im using ZTW spider 18a lite blheli esc.


65 Drones

Anyone has a problem with the VBAT pins not working? (reports 0v)

65 Drones

where is the cleanflight (not betaflight) source code as per GPL?

65 Drones

sorry, the problem is with the magnetometer, not the barometro

65 Drones

Hi guys.

Congratulations for your work, has solved the issue of barometro ?, no solution available?

65 Drones

the latest betaflight firmware with source code can be found here:

Thanks Samuel.

65 Drones

By distributing this board the manufacturer and you have to make the source code available as required by law. You do realize that right?
Not the hex, the source code. This is all under GPLv3.

65 Drones

Deviantspeed, are you able to provide a link for your latest stable version of the Beataflight firmware? Unfortunately, I did not download it before you pulled the files.

65 Drones

and thank you Deviantspeed!
betaflight 2.7.0 version appears to be working great

65 Drones

got it flashed with mwosd and beta flight version from rcgroup thread - there is power to the board through esc flies well but i dont get any video! osd 3.3v jumper is off, do i need to connect 5V somewhere for OSD to work?

65 Drones

Amaury, check the rcgroups thread, I’ve posted a version that works with this board on betaflight 2.7.0 that I’ve tested to flash through the blheli cleanflight interface. I’ve also compiled and posted 2.7.1 but haven’t tested that version yet in person.

65 Drones

does this board require inverted signal for sbus? Thanks

65 Drones

Hi all, W3RK, your Betaflight version for LS F3 is compatble with BLHelisuite? I’m trying to flash BLHeli’s ESC 20A by Cleanflight. Lot a guy say it’s possible with particular FC like Naze, Flip or some other, but is it possible with your version of Betaflight firmware? Thank Bye

65 Drones

Hello there
i cant get the osd to work at all i flashed the newest mwosd and it doesn’t work either does not show anything do does it requires a special osd firmware

ANy help please if you have the working osd fw

65 Drones

Hi David,

I am not sure whether FLIP+32 and this are same.

For this board, power the board via one of the PWM + with 5v.

65 Drones

Hi Morv,

Basically, the wiring as follows:
CAM OUT —> CAM pin on the LS-F3+OSD board.
VTX pin on LS-F3+OSD board goes into VTX IN on your VTX.

You can power your CAM and VTX from your PDB.

65 Drones

First of all thank you for your blog. I am quit new to the hobby, but I also addicted to the hobby building and flying quadcopters. I received this FC last week and had a lot of difficulties getting the FC flashed with cleanflight. But thanks to your blog I can now figure out how to flash the OSD. The last thing I am struggling with is how to wire the camera and the VTX. The connections on the board is really confusing. So could you help me out with a wiring diagram of how I should connect the camera and the VTX? Kind regards from the Netherlands. Morv.

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