Hacking tello with microbit- Worksheet 2

Worksheet 2: Go Up and Down

Objective: Make microbit to command Tello to take off by pressing button A, fly up by pressing button A, fly down by pressing B, and land by pressing button A and B together.

Important:Before you can fly the drone with microbit, you need to complete all the steps. You are only allowed to fly the drone after the instructors verified your code is per below (Code 1 and Code 2, Code 3 and Code 4), and he signed on your worksheet and upload your code onto the microbit.

Step 1: Create the following code in MakeCode for Microbit.

Code 1-

Code 2

Code 3

Code 4


Step 2: Get your instructors to verify that only Code 1, Code 2, Code 3 and Code 4 are created in the Makecode for Microbit. If he verified correct, asked him to sign here:


Step 3: Loan a Microbit from the instructors and ask the instructors to upload your code into the Microbit.

Participant Name :_____________________________________

Code verified:

(Instructor’s Signature) ___________________________________

Successfully attempted : __________________________________

65 Drones

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