ZMX Fusion

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ZMX Fusion, born out of the lightness of V series motors, is SilverDrone's first answer to the best thrust-to-weight ratio requirement. ZMX motors has been known for being the lightest motor with the best thrust at the same weight class. With ZMX Fusion, SilverDrone listened to feedbacks from FPV racers, going back to their drawing board and sketched out a better balance between weight, power and reliability. The result is a motor with 10.5% gain in max thrust, much more durable design and only 1.5g heavier than Vseries counterpart. 


  • M5 to 4mm hollowshaft (Patent Pending)
  • Thick reinforced steel motor can (0.9mm) compared to V2 and V3 (0.7mm) - No more belly jammed
  • Original high quality NMB 4x9x4mm metal ball-retainer bearings for longevity
  • 0.15mm lamination steel stator for better efficiency
  • Adjustable bearing tension - changing bearing is the past (Patent Pending)
  • Spares and upgrades are available
  • Weight: 30.5g (with short wires)

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