Sunrise FireFly 32bit Lite ESC (Supports Dshot, with passthrough and anti-desync, motor reverse)

SKU: SunriseFireFlyLite-22

Sunrise Firefly 32 BIT LITE is perhaps the smallest and lightest 32bit ESC that uses STM32F051 48MHZ ARM 32-bit micro-processor and has 470uF capacity. It comes with following features:

  • Supports Dshot
  • With ESC passthrough, motor reverse, anti-desync
  • No external electrolytic capacitor.
  • Use STM32F051 48MHZ ARM 32-bit micro-processor and has 470uF capacity. Accurate speed control, high signal acquisition precision
  • Fast throttle response, excellent linear.
  • Automatic detect if it is the ordinary remote control signal (PWM) 50-500Hz , One-Shot and Multi-shot signals.
  • Has Synchronous rectification technology to increase the working efficiency of ESC.
  • Regenerative braking, active brake made the motor deceleration response increased significantly.
  • PWM output frequency is 24 KHz.
  • Throttle resolution is about 1480 steps.
  • Ordinary remote control signal throttle limits 900us~2400us;One-Shot125, but the remote control signal until 100us~300us
  • Max. RPM: 450,000rolls (2 poles), 150,000rolls (6 poles), 75,000rolls (12 poles)
· Model: Firefly 22A
· Weight: 8.5g
· Size: 27*14mm 
· Constant Current: 22A
· Max Current: 26A
· Input: 2 to 4 Li-XX


· Model: Firefly 33A
· Weight: 9.0g
· Size: 27*15mm 
· Constant Current: 33A
· Max Current: 36A
· Input: 2 to 4 Li-XX

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