LittleBee 30A ESC

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LittleBee 30A

LittleBee 30A 2-6S OPTO version is the next generation micro ESC that delivers up to a 35amp burst current and run real cool continuous at 30amp. This Little Bee ESCs feature a the latest and fast integrated Silabs processor (F394 MCU) and some of the best components (AOS N-FET) available to provide an ESC that gives excellent free-wheeling and braking capabilities as it is flashed at factory with BLHeli 14.4 and supports Dampening Light.

The Little Bee ESCs arrive factory-flashed with BLHeli firmware, supporting OneShot125 and damped mode to give ultra fast throttle response. BLHeli is a next advanced ESC firmware next to sun-setting the SimonK firmware. OneShot125 allows your flight controller to tell your ESCs at much faster speed enabling quick respond of your motors to your commands. Damping Light is a sort of active breaking. With normal ESCs when you reduce the throttle, the motor will only be slowed down passively by the drag of the props. With Damping Light enabled, the ESC will act like an electronic brake to actively reduce the motor speed. Again, this feature makes for a much more responsive and stable multirotor.

The Little Bee ESCs supports configuration via your flight controller. You need not unplug the ESC from your drone to configure the ESC and to calibrate. Simply install betaflight (instead of cleanflight) on the flight controller and download the latest BLHeli suite - more instructions here, and you can configure your ESC via USB through your flight controller USB.

LittleBee 30A ESC specifications:

  • Main IC: SILABS C8051F394(Ready for MultiShot Firmware)
  • BLHeli 14.4
  • 2S to 6S
  • Continue Current: 30A, Burst Current: 35A up to 6S
  • Opto (NOTE: LittleBee 30A have no BEC. You will need a 5V BEC to power your flight controller or radio receiver.)
  • Support Dampened Light
  • Size: 35mm * 17mm
  • Weight: 11g
  • MOS is driven by the non - transistor(drive tube)

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