iRangeX Tiny Flysky Receiver

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Tiny Flysky Receiver

Channels: 6CH PPM output
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
Power: 5V
Work mode: AFHDS
Transmit distance: About 100m
Without Failsafe
Size: 11mm*23mm
Weight: 0.6g

FS-I6,TH9X GT2B,GT3,GT3B,GT3C etc.
Eachine I6
ER9X,OPENTX with Flysky tuner etc.
Walkera D7E with A7105 Module and etc.

Binding Procedure:
1.Solder the two pins: Binding and GND
2.Power to the receiver with +5v battery or connected to a flight controller with +5v output, the blue LED should start to Flashing , indicating it is ready to bind
3.Turn on the transmitter and enter binding mode ,waiting for a second, the blue LED light is solid, indicating bind successfully

LED Status:

Status Blue LED
Binding Flashing
Binding successfully Solid
Normal work mode Flashing
Signal lost OFF

Package Included:
1 x  Tiny Flysky Receiver
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