HighGreat Hula (AI Coding Swarm Drone) Flymore set with 1 charging hub and 2 batteries


Each set comes with

1 drone 

1 charging hub ( can charge 2 batteries at the same time)

2 batteries

1 set of spare propellers 

1 set of spare guard

1 Instruction manual

1 propeller removal tool and screwdriver


  1. Drone vs Drone Multiplayer: Built-in drone vs drone game for up to ten drones for engaging fun.
  2. AI Coding: A smart collaborative traversal challenge equipped with AI image recognition and four-way obstacle avoidance technology.
  3. Multi-drone formation flight coding with wireless and QR code hybrid positioning technology.
  4. Virtual-Reality built-in game function: AR balloon shooting and many more.
  5. Full-color LED
  6. Block coding simulator with endless and engaging coding exercises scenarios
  7. Adjustable camera gimbal
  8. Real-time live camera view
  9. Built-in infra-sensor and transmitter

EAN : 0712376488312


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