FuriousFPV PIKO F4 16MB Black Box Flight Controller


Revolutionizing the FPV scene, Furious FPV pushes it to the max with the all new PikoF4 Flight Controller, featuring a no compromise design that is ready to immerse itself into your favorite FPV machine.

Designed as a stackable unit with the feature packed INNOVA V4, the PikoF4 pushes the envelope of performance with F4 processing power that provides "on the rails" flight capability, augmented by an MPU6000 sensor package with ultra high 8kHz sampling rates. Furthermore, adding a massive 100A maximum built in PDB, the PikoF4 is designed for the extremes of ultimate FPV.

Featuring 16MB of Black Box flash memory for critical flight data breakdown, the PikoF4 is as cutting edge as it comes, featuring a built-in inverter for Smartport connection directly to the FC. Offering rich and brilliant feature when it comes to data feedback for optimal tuning & setup functionality, the PikoF4 is the tuners’ dream for on demand in-flight feedback.

Integrated with an Inrush Voltage Protection system (Input & Output) via Transient Voltage Suppressor, the PikoF4 is wickedly technical & ready for anything. Add a built in driver inverter for S-bus & integrated buzzer driver with a 5V 1A integrated BEC, the PikoF4 is the all-in-one FC solution that provides everything your quad needs in an ultra simplified design.

Step into the Furious FPV PikoF4 - potent capability coalesced with race winning functionality designed to push your FPV to the outer edges & beyond.


  • F4 Processing Power
  • Built In 100A Maximum PDB
  • MPU6000 6 Axis Sensor Technology
  • 16MB Black Box Flash Memory
  • LED Driver for WS2812b Programmable LED's
  • Integrated Buzzer Driver
  • Built In Driver Inverter for S-bus Capability
  • Integrated 5V 1A BEC w/ 2S 7.4V - 6S 22.2V LiPo Power
  • Inrush Voltage Protection Input / Output via Transient Voltage Suppressor
  • Stackable w/ INNOVA V4
  • Stackable ESC 4in1 10A 
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