Furious FrSky Micro Rx - Ultra Small. Massively Capable

SKU: FPV-0121-S

Sizing in on a nano scale, the all new Furious FrSky Micro Rx is the ultimate solution when space is at an all time premium. And weight? Forget about it - this unit weighs in on the sub atomic scale, making the Furious Micro Rx the perfect fit for the most compact aircraft to date.

Designed specifically for ultra brushed micro FPV machines that require the most size and weight sensitive components, Furious FPV brings performance and capability to the table in a zero compromise solution. And when weight sensitivity is at play, the Furious Micro Rx steps in with a unworldly 1.0g weight, making the Furious FPV Micro Rx the lightest Rx ever produced in FPV.

Don't let the size fool you. When it comes to capability, the Furious Micro Rx packs a feature driven punch, providing an (8) channel output, telemetry hub, and an S-bus output without the need of inversion via PC. And did we mention a 300m range? That's over a quarter mile effective range - all in a 1.0g, 12x15x4mm layout.

For the ultimate in capability with a gnat sized layout, Furious FPV provides the perfect solution when space cannot be ignored.


- Microscopic 12x15x4mm Footprint

- Sub Atomic Weight at 1.0 Overall

- Amazing 300m Range

- (8) Channel Output

- Integrated Telemetry Hub

- S-bus Ready Without FC Inversion

- Incredibly Compatible With FrSky Taranis, Taranis Plus & XJT Module

- Flexible 4V - 6V Input Ready


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