Standard Operating Procedure for promoter in store / roadshow or store set up

Promoter in store 

Step 1: 

Promoter should have watched the 5 parts of the video training.

Promoter should have QR code reader in the mobile phone

Important contact number : 91965762 ( Tracey) 
Please contact Tracey if issues crop up on actual day 

Please forward email address to to request for the links, if you do not have the links. Do be mindful that the training videos are only intended for internal use and not to be distributed to external parties without prior permission.


Step 2: On the actual day of work

Ensure that dress code is black top or 65drones t-shirt with black pants and black shoes. Please bring power bank for your mobile phone, so that you can show customer how to scan the QR code.

Report to the manager ( toy department) in the store or general office to change pass, depending on the store which you are allocated to. 

Connect Free wifi , depending on which shopping mall you are allocated to.


Step 3:

Do stock take b4 and after every session.

Fill up stock take form at web-based link.

Click here for the link 

Step 4:

Approach customer by distributing the flyer.

Follow the steps in the video.


1) Get customers to sign up for the mailing list

Click here for the link


2) Inform customers of latest promotions 

Click here for the link


3) Inform customers of different types of products available. 

Click here for the link 


Roadshow or store set up

Step 1

Wait for the deliveryman at designated location.

Designated location may be at loading bay, store or roadshow location. 


For store set-up , it is required to change pass at security counter before allow in to set up. 


Step 2:

Do stock take. Record stock at here.


Step 3:

Check that all stock has labels and price labels are correct as per assigned list. 


Step 4:

Set up LCD screen. 

Select video . video will auto loop. 


Step 5:

Display stock in a visually appealing manner.

Best selling stock should be displayed in front.

Examples of best selling stock






Step 6:

Paste wobblers and other promotional materials such as brochure stand.


Step 7:

Flatten all cartons except leave one carton and put below wagon. 

For that one empty carton, Label it as " returns and others" , put it below the wagon. This empty carton is to store miscellaneous and customer returns , so that the returned stock is not mixed with the selling stock. 


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