SOP for testing mini drones

Step 1:
Check that propellers are correctly placed according to their orientation
Step 2:
Calibrate the drone
Step 3:
a) Battery fully charged. lights blinking on the mini drones indicate low battery.
b) step 1 and 2 are done. 
More details at
Test the drone.  checklist
a) Are all 4 motors working?
b) Is the drone flying straight?
c) Able to connect to app?
d) Camera ok for usage? 
Step 4:
a) For drones which are in good working condition, place in repack box, for use in events and market as refurbished. 
i) Visually inspect any form of aesthetic damage to the exterior ( cover ,propellers )
ii) For any aesthetic damage, replace the parts as necessary
b) For drones with spoilt motors, 
i) replace the spoilt motors
c) Drones with issues ( but not spoilt motors)
i) dismantle the drone. 
ii) retain the spare parts for reuse
iii) discard the flight controller 
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