SOP for airport stores

Standard Operation Procedure For Singapore Changi International Airport 65DRONES Retail Stores

Purchase Order/ s

 If any received to be acknowledged via email


  1. If any received to be forwarded to info@65drones.comby 3 days before    delivery date so that deliverables can be price tagged and packed, delivery          orders and invoices can be prepared and Goh and 65DRONES delivery     person can be confirmed; 
    General rule :Frequency of top up - 2 to 3 weeks for off peak season
    1-2 weeks for peak season.

    a) if not enough PO is received one week before the scheduled airport delivery, delivery will be rescheduled one week later on the following Tuesday. 

  2. b) definition of not enough PO quantity : Less than 30 pieces combined for all 4 outlets.

    c) Eg , Delivery is scheduled for 2nd October 2018. But as of 25th September , not enough quantity is ordered. 

    Next course of action : to chase up PO to be  sent by 2nd October. 
    Next delivery date to be scheduled on 9th Oct 2018.

    d) Goh to be contacted and schedule collection ( 3 days before actual delivery date).
    eg for above case, if delivery is scheduled on 9th oct , Goh to be informed latest by 6th Oct. 

    e) Goh collection timing at 65drones office - 11.15 am
         Goh arrival time at airport - 12 noon


  1. Planning the delivery

Goh and 65DRONES delivery person to confirm delivery date, time and          meeting terminal( so far always terminal 2 security check point level 2   between departure lane 6 and 7 but in the event terminal has no delivery   and another terminal has a big delivery, that may be the meeting terminal         instead with the exception of terminal 4 as it is not connected like                 terminals 1, 2 and 3 are) ;


Goh collects items from 65DRONES office prior;


 Changing pass


65DRONES delivery person must have approved airport pass prior then         go to pass counter to fill in slip( 2 sheets, carbonated, different colour per    day, fill in name, nric/ fin/ ppt, contact no, company TIMES NEWS LINK     and initial behind) , be prepared to have finger scanned. if you do not have    pass holder you may borrow one from pass counter. display visitor pass     and 1 copy of slip in holder and clip prominently on you* if you buy things          from airport with the pass you can get 10% discount but do not shop   excessively as airport pass can be revoked;

  • Getting past security


Goh parks then meets 65DRONES delivery person outside security

65DRONES delivery person pushes Goh' s trolley in to security( need to         scan pass and scan finger to go through then show delivery order, items            will be checked as well as your bag if any; using trolley use trolley gate,      without trolley can go through normal gates) and transfers products to              internal airport trolley as external airport trolleys are not allowed past                      security then returns Goh' s trolley within 20 minutes to avoid additional     charge from Goh;

In the event items cannot all fit on internal airport trolley, deliver to nearest      store using Goh' s trolley after which there should be space for the balance    items on internal airport trolley;

Of course if more than 1 65DRONES delivery person present use more           than 1 trolley, space should not be a problem then;

Alternatively, deliver terminal 2 and 4 items to times news link'               s warehouse at the basement. If no change, warehouse receiving hours         are Monday- Thursday 9am to 430pm. no deliveries during/ on lunch time 1215pm to 145pm and Fridays;

  1. 5. after successfully past security


once items are on internal airport trolley and Goh' s trolley returned, at                         each store, check items ordered and delivered, pass delivery order and            invoices to staff in charge for the day to check items and stamp and            endorse 1 invoice for us. offer to arrange items on shelf. count balance   stock( including latest delivery) , write suggested order  and pass to staff    to submit po request to buying to send us po after* po from buying will take    3 to 5 days; take photograph of items in store preferably with kaboom text      in the background. ask if any returns? if yes collect and remember to take paperwork. post returns using envelope provided by boss or bring home          and when have substantial Goh will collect or pass to boss when you meet            her unless otherwise advised;

if items not tagged or stickered, paste 65DRONES stickers provided and         borrow store' s price tag machine and create price tags( key sku and price       as per delivery order and invoice) and paste on items;

suggested stock are:

Barcode no                                nav item no               descriptns                 proposed qty per store

0712376488633           396684                                  puppygoaidog          2 per store

484479682616             396678                                  cx10d                         10 per store0725452259010      396683                                  cx10wdtx                   5 per store

712376487681             396682                                  cx17                           5 per store

0712376488138           396681                                  cxof                             5 per store

0712376488558           396677                                  e58                             5 per store

712376487827             396680                                  e011                           5 per store

0712376488596           396679                                  cxstard                       10 per store

except terminal 4 max 3 per item due to space constraint and less sales as    it is at public area not departure like the other terminals;


  1. airport trolleys are allowed on travelators and sky trains but not external trolleys like Goh' s;


if no delivery to store, still count stock and suggest order;


We visit alternate tuesdays estimate start at noon finish at 4pm     unless otherwise advised


  1. return visitor pass before going to terminal 4 unless you went there first;


when returning visitor pass if you borrowed holder, you must take out pass     and slip before handing to security to exchange them for your nric back;




  1. getting to terminal 4


take bus from terminal 2 arrival to terminal 4 and vice versa; 

  1. remember smile and look forward to more orders;


  1. Contacts


  1. Times New Linkoffice is at basement of terminal 2 near the pass office;



  1. kaboom buyers are


farokh mobile 94782083,


Josephine and



Please be informed that are not always in this office as they have another       office in Ang Mo Kio and there more often;



  1. kaboom store contacts are


t1 Pauline


changi airport terminal 1departure transit lounge 80 airport boulevard            819642





level 2 departure lounge near e gates transit area

opening hours 6am to 1am



winter/ chan


level 2 departure lounge near b gates transit area

opening hours 6am to 1am and





level 2 public area opening hours

7am to 11pm


Edited on 26 Sept 2018 

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