Robomaster Air Land Conquest 2023

This is a series of robomaster competitions from 6th Nov to 10th Nov 2023 comprising of

1) Robomaster Youth Technical Challenge 2023( RMYT Drone tournament) - only for MOE Secondary Schools RoboMaster 2022 Drone Tournament Rules Manual V1.0(20220303).pdf (

Reg fees : $69 per team of 2 members

Competition highlights

2) Robomaster Challenge ( open category) - no age restriction or school restrictions) RMYC 2023 rulebook - Google Drive

Basic Reg fees: $169 per team of up to 6 members ( New registration)

$129 per team of up to 6 members ( for returning past participants ( MOE School only)  of RMYC / RMIG)

Enquire with us on practice session ( additional charge) 

Competition Highlights

3)  Drone Swarm Challenge- (open category) - no age restriction or school restrictions

$69 per team of 5 members

View 65drones drone light show commercial portfolio 


*Fees is subject to GST

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