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Dear educators,

Learning need not be halted due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Blended learning is the new normal . Blended learning strives to provide students the best of both face-to-face and online learning experiences. 

Do you know that the first blended learning course was started as early as 1840s? Sir Isaac Pitman  ( who also  developed the most widely used system of shorthand, known now as Pitman shorthand) .launched the first distance education course. Pitman sent shorthand texts to his students via mailed postcards and they were required to send them back to be graded and corrected. Even though computers and mobile devices weren’t involved, and wouldn’t even be invented for roughly a century, effective feedback and assessments were still an integral part of the process.

Pitman shorthand

We offer a comprehensive suite of blended learning solutions to tackle the challenges of remote learning .


Solution 1 : An interactive and realistic simulation learning experience with teachers' resources

The DJI EDU portal

Solution 2: An economical hybrid learning experience of both online and offline , offering the highest in value and lowest in equipment cost.

65drones LITE courses


Solution 3 : Emerging topics which impart 21st century competencies


Solution 4 : Train the trainer 


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