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Most are familiar with social media marketing. Drone marketing is the upcoming new kid on the block. "Drone Media Marketing" is an unique term coined by 65Drones, which is about using drones in effective marketing campaigns and strategies, to create a memorable impressions and experiences.

Drone Games

65Drones can provide fun-filled drone games booths or carnivals that engage your audience with easy to play drone games to create memorable impression of your event and campaign. 65Drones drone games have attracted huge crowds to shopping malls and events.

  • Drone Triathlon Challenge (Drive Drone on Land, Sail Drone over sea and Fly Drone in air)

  • Drone Wefie in shopping malls

  • Land a drone with drone a banner

    Ideal for awareness marketing campaign!

  • Drone Swarm Musical

  • LED Drones tryout and symphony

Drone Xperience: Design-Code-Fly

65Drones' Drone Xperience, a Singapore First, provide engaging, enriching, fun-filled experience with drones for anyone with or with absolute no experience in drone. The entire experience, flying, designing and coding, is guided by 65Drones professional to provide guaranteed fun, within 65Drones' Drone Xperience cage that gives rewarding flying challenges.

  • Design-Code-Fly

    Design-A-Drone with bricks! Great for Corporate Team Bonding and Leadership Training!

  • Simple plug and play to teach the basics of quadcopter. Excellent family bonding activity.

    Recommended:age 6 and above


  • Drone Xperience Cage: Portable, Highly-Adaptable, Fun and Futuristic Drone Safe Cage

    Awesome Corporate Team Bonding Activity!

    Drone Xperience@Shoppe and Garena

    As featured on Vasantham kid Central,

    As featured on Channel News Asia about CAAS Drone showcase

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