Aerial photography/ videography services for status reporting

Rates for aerial photography/ videography/3d mapping  and etc is from $400 onwards ( inclusive of the CAAS permit) for one time assignment . For recurring assignments , the subsequent assignments is from $200 onwards ( minimum of 5) .One possible retake per month if consultant rejects the photo/ video with a legitimate reason .Our activites are also insured for up to 1 million dollars for public liability, and we can do projects on no fly zones as well  and will help client handle CAAS and RSAF .  This is suitable for ad hoc projects which only require monthly update or on no fly zones that require special clearance. 
All Prices quoted are subject to GST. 
We can also help you to train your staff to operate the drone and also to lease the drone to you , according to your requirements , so that for projects that require update every week, it will be more economical for the company .
The train your staff rates will include 
1) Training  and assistance in submission of relevant documents to apply for the drone operator permit- 10 hours
2) Training of your staff ( up to 3) to pass CAAS remote pilot assessment . Provision of the completion certificate and log book of training hours which are required prior to taking the CAAS remote pilot assessment. The current site for the CAAS remote pilot assessment is at old Holland Road. - 20 hours ( 3 full days)
Training venue: Midview city
3) Step by step guidance and assistance to getting your activity permits ( the first 3 activity permits) - 5 hours 
35 hours package special price - $4800
Usual Rate - $7000  
Purchase / Lease of drones
for purchase, 8 to 10% discount off usual listed rates on websites for DJI drones
Option to purchase drone insurance ( either for damages to drone or for public liability coverage ) for additional top up estimated around $400 per drone on annual basis- 
Lease - We will deliver the drone to you with extra batteries and provide monthly support . Free replacement if drone malfunction so zero disruption to work flow. Price from $120 onwards 
If your company apply to be a drone operator, below are the fees applicable, payable to CAAS.
Drone operator permit - $600 for first time ( $200 for renewal)
Add UA : $400 for every UA ( one time payment) 
Eg if you have a matrice and phantom, you will need to pay $800 as they are 2 drones of different sizes and different capabilities. 
To conduct drone activity , other than the drone operator permit , you will need an activity permit . For drone operator , it is activity permit class 1. Each activity permit will cost $75. You can apply for a long term permit tagged to your project . Activity permit is by per location. 
Eg if you have a project in Changi and another one in Tanah Merah, it is considered 2 locations and you will have to apply for 2 activity permits. Permit may be renewed at CAAS discretion, depending on the incidence reports of the operator. 
Company may add as many remote pilots as they want . However , each remote pilot must pass the CAAS remote pilot assessment in order to operate a drone under your operator permit legally.The remote pilot assessment is a flying assessment of around 30 mins to assess the candidate's safe flying skills ( without GPS assistance ). 
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