DIY Coding Drone


An all-in-1 STEM educational drone that is for primary and secondary students to:

1) learn the principle of science using the drones such as gravitational forces, energy etc; 

2) assemble and re-assemble the drone bricks into other drone frame (such as ducted whoop drone) hovercraft, car and flying car using other recycle materials (not provided) easily by applying their science knowledge and learn sustainability concepts; 

3) learn and practice block coding concepts, and control drone using block codes;

4) code the drone to solve real-life scenario such as autonomous delivery and obstacles avoidance with other extension modules (not included and sold separately);

5) use their MicroBit with the drone to make interesting applications with MicroBit and the drone;

6) use it instantly with their school learning devices as this drone is fully compatible with chromebooks and ipads;

7) practise and experience first-person-view piloting using drone as the drone comes with 720P wifi camera and remote controller for manual piloting and,

8) tweak the flying performance of the drone using a simple application.

Built for competition- Drone Competition Missions (


A set of DIY coding drone kit comes:

1) 1 x drone flight controller with WIFI camera

2) 1 x drone remote controller with microbit adapter

3) 1 x 3.7v 300mah lipo battery

4) 1 x USB chargers

5) 2 x propeller sets

6) 1 x propeller removal tool

7) 1 x propeller guard set

8) 1 x drone bricks set.

9) 4 x coreless motor

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