NRC Robomaster Youth Challenge


Robomaster Youth Challenge

Competition Date 
Preliminaries (Round-Robin): 11 November 2020 (updated)

Finals (Knock-Out): 12 November 2020 (updated)


Secondary/Tertiary Category: Ages 13-19 at the year of competition (block-based and/or Python programming)

 Registration fees: $20 per team

 Email info@65drones or whatsapp 87204983  for the training packages. 


The RoboMaster Youth Challenge is a brand-new category within the NRC which derives its format from the Robomaster Robotics Competition and is targeted at young participants. Launched by DJI and in collaboration with SCS, the Challenge requires young participants to form teams and engage in battles by operating their self-developed or modified robots.

It focuses on building the theoretical engineering knowledge and AI application skills among youths and helping them progress from mastering robotic basics and programming to AI and robot control theory. Its competitive format is a test of the participants’ quick adaptability, problem detection and problem-solving skills. Meanwhile, the Challenge will also put the participants’ teamwork and a sense of responsibility to the test.

Competition format

On the 1st day of the competition, teams consisting of 3 participants will be pitted against 3 other opposing teams to engage in 3v3 tactical shooting battles as well as perform various tasks in a specially designed arena. Points will be awarded for various objectives and top 8 teams with the most points scored will be invited back for the second day of competition where these finalists will participate in “knock-out” competition play to determine the winners.

Download Robomaster Challenge Document here

Robomaster Trials

Trials sessions for the DJI Robomaster Ep & S1 will be conducted by the Centre for teams interested in finding out more about the robots and/or the competition may spend up to 2 hours with our trained educators. Limited slots are available for the following dates and will have capacity limited for teams (subject to change at the Centre’s discretion) due to current safety measures:

  • 5th to 7th Oct (AM & PM sessions)
  • 14th to 16th Oct (AM & PM sessions)

Kindly email us at if interested.

65 Drones

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