Get high with these 5 drones you can fly in Singapore

Get high with these 5 drones you can fly in Singapore

Cheerson CX10 - S$29

The Cheerson CX10 entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2014 for being the world’s smallest drone. It fits onto the palm of your hand and with the remote resembles a child’s plaything more than anything else.

But don’t let its plasticky bits fool you, this nano-quadcopter is tough enough to survive whatever spills and thrills you might encounter whilst trying to pilot the vehicle. The CX10c even comes with a 0.3 megapixel camera that shoots 640 x 480 footage - quite impressive for something that could fit atop a potato chip.

The CX10 is strong enough to lift a small load and you can even try attaching an action camera (like in the video above) although it would probably not get very high or far. It is also the cheapest of the drones that we are recommending. The nano-drone is a great toy for showing off, and it is a lot of fun for dabblers and dedicated hobbyists alike.

Get the Cheerson CX10 here


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