Catch a glimpse of Singapore's future at SG:Digital Wonderland 2019

Catch a glimpse of Singapore's future at SG:Digital Wonderland 2019

Curious about what Singapore’s future will look like? Find out at the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s tech carnival, SG:Digital Wonderland 2019. PHOTO: IMDA
Curious about what Singapore’s future will look like? Find out at the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s tech carnival, SG:Digital Wonderland 2019. PHOTO: IMDA

Slay virtual zombies, sip coffee from a robotic barista and test out your drone flying skills at Singapore’s most exciting tech carnival

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning, and you wake to the smell of a fresh cuppa brewed by your robotic barista. Sensing you getting out of bed, the lights in your room come to life.

The doorbell rings — your weekly groceries have just been delivered by drone. You step into your bathroom, where a screen flickers on, giving you the latest news. It’s Saturday, so what better way to spend the morning than gaming with your friends — in virtual reality (VR)?

This may sound like the far future, but the reality is, it’s actually much closer than you think. 

How close? Next week, actually. 

Visitors to next weekend’s SG:Digital Wonderland 2019, organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), will be able to experience a glimpse of this future for themselves. Formerly known as Tech Saturday (Upsized!), the carnival promises futuristic fun for all ages. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to find at the carnival’s three zones: 


What exactly does the future hold for us? As our lives become increasingly connected to the Internet, cybersecurity will similarly become increasingly important. 

And what better way to understand this than through hands-on experiences? Thanks to the IMDA Lab on Wheels, the Discover Zone’s Cyber Security Investigation Room will let visitors team up with local celebrities to roleplay as interns in Singapore’s critical infrastructure companies. Together, you’ll fight off mock cyber attacks on utilities boards and transport operators that threaten the nation’s security. 


At the Cyber Security Investigation Room, step into the shoes of a cyber security specialist and fight off critical cyber attacks on Singapore’s infrastructure. PHOTO: IMDA


It’s not all theoretical, either. The Lab on Wheels will also give crucial lessons on how to safeguard yourself on social media, as well as introduce visitors to artificial intelligence (AI) through challenges in an AI escape room-themed bus.

Then try your hand at it yourself — build, code and play with your own robot creation, and even watch a synchronised robot dance performance. After which, settle down into the home of the future at the AI Smart Home Studio: brew a cup of coffee, turn down the lights and play your favourite music, all with just the power of your own voice.

Round out your time in the Zone by entering the sure-win lucky dip. The knowledge you gained from the Discover Zone may be your most valuable takeaway — but it doesn’t hurt to win some attractive prizes too, right? 


It’s an exciting time to be alive. Singapore’s technological revolution shows no signs of stopping — least of all at SG:Digital Wonderland’s Experience Zone. 

Start off by testing out your flying skills in the Drone Arcade, by playing Singapore’s first-ever drone claw game. Prove yourself a flying ace and you could even take home a selfie drone, among other exciting prizes. 


Lock and load — fight off hordes of zombies at the Digital Media Playground. PHOTO: IMDA


Then find out just how much of an impact VR and augmented reality (AR) technology has had on our entertainment at the Digital Media Playground. Enjoy your VR film of choice at the VR cinema, ranging from first-person views of death-defying jobs, to seeing life through the eyes of artists with disabilities. 

You can also tag-team with local heartthrob Desmond Tan and radio celebs the Muttons to slay some zombies, then fling some food — without the mess! — at a mediaeval-themed VR food fight. 

Think you’re good at dodgeball in real life? See if your skills transfer to the virtual world with AR Dodgeball. Register for the HADO Youth Cup with two teammates and you could win the latest gadgets, including the Apple Watch Series 4, GoPro Hero 7 and more. There’s an open category for those who just want to try AR Dodgeball out too.


Place in the top three positions in the HADO Youth Cup and you could walk away with some of the latest gadgets, such as an Apple Watch Series 4. PHOTO: IMDA


Of course, there’s still a place for traditional e-sports, which is why there’s a dedicated section for the eSports Stadia. 

E-sports fans can’t afford to miss the Mobile Legends Bang Bang: The Southeast Asia Clash of Champions 2019, a tournament that will see the top teams from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines play against each other for the title of Champions. 


Watch the best Mobile Legends teams in the region battle it out for the title of Champions at the eSports Stadia. PHOTO: IMDA


If the Clash of Champions has stoked your competitive spirit, feel free to pit your skills against family and friends during the Mario Kart and Overcooked family challenge. 

Need a break from all the excitement? Get a free cup of coffee at Crown Coffee, where everything about the cafe experience — from ordering to collection, to even having your coffee made by Ella the robotic barista — is fully digitalised.


A robotic barista in your own house? This could be a reality sooner than you think. PHOTO: CROWN COFFEE



Now that you’ve tried your hand at creating the future, step over to the Innovate Zone to see how the pros do it. 

The Youth Innovation Showcase and Awards 2019 promises to wow you with cutting-edge technology from institutes of higher learning from all over the world. Take the Robocoach software developed by a team from the University of Hong Kong, which uses AI, computer vision and human activity recognition to provide a virtual “coach” for sports like yoga and golf.


Discover how higher institutes of learning are pushing the envelope at the Youth Innovation Showcase and Awards 2019. PHOTO: IMDA


Find out how Singapore Polytechnic is utilising Industry 4.0 technologies to bring hawker culture into the future, by using mobile apps to customise and place their orders online. Or marvel at the customisable Smart Rehabilitation Knee Brace developed by ITE College Central, which gives healthcare providers real-time updates on their patients’ rehabilitation progress. See a project that really made an impression on you? Vote for it!

Be further inspired at the Tech for Good Exhibition. Organised by Engineering for Good and Tech Pals, the exhibition shows off some of the cutting-edge technology developed specifically for digitally at-risk groups. If you’ve ever wondered how Singaporeans #usetechforgood, this is the place to find out. 

The way of the future


SG:Digital Wonderland 2019 promises fun for the whole family next weekend. PHOTO: IMDA


The future awaits you. Head down to SG:Digital Wonderland 2019 on the weekend of May 18 and 19, at Suntec City Convention Centre Halls 404 to 406, 11am to 8pm. 

The best part? Admission and activities are free, so make yourself free too. Visit for more information.

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