Spedix S250AH FPV Hex Racer Drone PID Settings (CC3D)

Building the drone shouldn't be daunting. However , tuning PIDs is no mean feat.  65Drone would like to help our readers by sharing our PID tuning for Spedix S250AH almost-ready-to-fly sets.These settings give pretty stable flight after numerous experiments.

We know the PIDs can be very personal to individual's flying styles. We just hope these settings may enable other S250AH lovers to build on it to create their PIDs.Feel free to share with other drone hobbyists. Should you meet with any difficulties in the tuning due to the configurations ,do let us know.

FPV Racer Style

Sports Flyer Style

Photographer Style

 For those do not want to type, just download this -> Bank1-Bank2-Bank3 file.


65 Drones


65 Drones

Greetings 65drones guys !

The PID settings in your SCREENSHOTS are “0.00265” etc etc, but…
… the PID settings in the latest version of CLEANFLIGHT look like “33”, “40”, etc etc.

HOW to make the adjustment?

DO I simply (literally) type in “0.00268” into (say) the Proportional field, INSTEAD OF a comparatively HUGE default value like “33” ???

HOW does anyone ELSE make this transformation?

I’m not actually FLYING my new Spedix 210 Black Knight until I get this sorted out, and get the PID settings absolutely nailed down :-)

- Mark in North Aurora, IL

65 Drones

I am using an Spedix 250 AQ. Dou you think PIDs are the same for tha Spedix H? Thanks.

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