Plug-and-Play Series 1: Turbine 250 Upgrading is just plug and play. No soldering!

Upgrading drone can be very daunting. Turbine 250 makes it easy to start FPV racing. The plug-and-play design of Turbine 250 makes upgrading easy for anyone. Yes, anyone! Anyone includes one without any soldering experience. Oh Boy! Shop's Turbine 250 Plug-and-Play blog series guide anyone on upgrading different aspects of Turbine 250, starting with FPV installation or upgrading, to Speed Boost Upgrade.


 Ensure the pin are connected correctly to the transmitter, as below, and power requirement of your transmitter is between 7v and 24v.

Oh Boy! Shop wants to create the most convenient FPV journey for you so that you can focus on other important things of your life. Oh Boy! Shop provides our Turbine 250 customers with the right cable that you need to use to hook your transmitter to Turbine 250.Feel free to enquire this service from us.

Stay tuned for the next Plug-and-Play installment.

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