First to fly Turbine 250 RTF Racing Drone

Be the first few in Singapore to fly the Turbine 250 RTF Racing Drone.

This product is now available at our retail shelves at  Dacube Serangoon Nex mall and Boxboss Clementi Mall.

Guaranteed to up your adrenalin rush, you may enjoy the convenience and fun of drone racing without the hassles. Just mount the propellers and charge the battery to get it soaring in the sky. More fun flying adventures to come as Turbine 250 is perfectly tuned and crafted right of the box. 

Turbine 250 advances with you as its open source design principle allows you to tune it like any other CC3D drone. Everything you need for racing fun is in the set that comes with:

  1.  Fully assembled and tuned 250 size drone
  2. DEVO 7 controller
  3. 7 inch LCD with 5.8ghz video receiver
  4. 11.1v 1500mah lipo battery
  5. lipo battery charger
  6. 5030 propeller set
  7. 2 hard cover carrying cases


The technical specification of Turbine 250 drone:
  • 205mm x 180mm size
  • 408g (without battery)
  • Flight time of 8 to 10 minutes
  • Front 3W x 2 headlight
  • 140mm LED light strip for back light


Turbine 250 set is a drone which is constructed to be every drone enthusiast's best racing buddy. Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Oh Boy! shop now offers 5 workshop credits * for purchase of Turbine 250 SG Set ( only applicable for purchase of the set at our retail outlet- Da Cube @ Serangoon Nex Mall or Boxboss @ Clementi Mall ).Each workshop credit ( valued at SGD 30 per credit) entitles you to an oh boy shop's complimentary professional consultation which includes free repair, upgrading and tuning services. Users are required to purchase the required spare parts separately. This workshop credits bundle of SGD 150 is an additional bonus for customers who purchase the set at the retail price of SGD 450.

Although online purchase of the set doesn't entitle the customer of the 5 workshop credits bundle , we are pleased to offer a SGD 50 discount off the set for online purchase . The online price of the set without workshop credit is SGD 400 after discount.


Please note:

*Turbine 250 set does not include video radio transmitter. Attractive options to purchase 5.8Ghz radio video transmitter are available. Price for options is as low as additional SGD 8.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Watch it in action.

Oh Boy

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