How to fly and programme DJI Tello



How to operate DJI Tello


How to programme DJI Tello


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to find out what makes tello the most fun drone ever.

Drone for kids, all you need to know


65 Drones


65 Drones

The lack of instructions in the box is irresponsible but, if you install the tello app the instructions are easily accessed.they should have included them in the box or at the very least said to install the app and follow its instructions. That said once you learn The basics it is a very nice drone. It is super stable, reliable, and durable. Not just Chinese crap, just bother to figure out how to use it.

65 Drones

Horrible to program.never used a drone before.instructions were conflicting.would never buy dji after this experience.dji store said basically plug and play.wrong.more Chinese junk.instructions were non must get paid by dji.there were no instructions with controller.tried to find instructions for controller on might be easy for you or someone who plays withdrones.taking back tommorow.suggest you make evaluation more accurate.

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