Guide to DIY drone


Transmitter X 1

Transmitter joystick cover X2

Frame X 1

Battery charging cable X 1

battery X 1

Battery holder X 1

Propellers X 8

Flight controller X 1

CCW motors ( red blue wire) X2

CW motors ( blue white) X 2

mini wifi camera X1

camera cover X1

Step 1 : Put the flight controller on the frame.

Step 2 : twist the wires of the motors.

Step 3: Insert the motors into the flight controller , matching the colors. redblue motors should match red connector. bluewhite motor should match white connector.

Step 4: Insert the motor wire into the connector.

Step 5: Put the camera into the camera holder

Step 6: Put on the battery holder, until u hear a click sound.


Step 7 :Insert the propellers according to the alphabet.A side of the frame should match A propeller and vice versa for B propellers.

Step 8: Put the camera holder beneath the frame and secure with a rubber band.


Step9 : Insert the wifi camera at the bottom.Secure it with a rubber band.
Step10 : Insert the battery and test whether it lights up.
When trying out, the drone propellers are not obstructed by the battery and camera wires. Before attempting to fly, pls double check that all 4 propellers are able to spin freely.
Step1: connect the battery wire of the drone. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
The drone should be blinking
Step 2: place the drone on the flat ground. The back of the drone should be the side with the battery wire.
Step 3 : Switch on the transmitter.
Step 4: Pair the drone by moving the left joystick up and down.
The drone lights should turn solid color.
Step 5: move both the left and right joysticks to the inner corner. The drone should blink.
Move both the left and right joysticks to the outer corner
The propellers of the drone should start spinning

Step 6: Move the left joystick slowly up. The drone will move up.

Step 7: Move both the left and right joysticks to the direction that you want the drone to fly

Step 8: To stop, move the left joystick down.


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