LDPOWER FR2208 1500Kv Racing motors (Pack of 4pcs)

$69.90 USD
SKU: 3202
Stator size: 22*8mm
Motor Size: ¢28*19.5
KV 1500KV
Shaft diameter: ¢3mm
No load current: 0.6A@10V
Max sustained current: 22A
Max Power: 325.6W
Inner Resistance: 0.1Ω
N/P: 12N/22P
Wire length: 75±5mm
Top mounting hole: M5
Bottom mounting hole: 16-19
Weight: 35g
 Included parts: 4 pcs x 2208 1500Kv motors, 4 x M5 bullet head, 16pcs x M3 screw

 LDPower FR2208 1500kv thrust data

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