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iXura gives you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.  For racers you have easy access to FPV camera tilt so you can easily alter it during events as you become more familiar with the track, maximising your lap speeds, number of practice rounds and minimising your crashes.  For freestylers the integrated GoPro / Session mounts will mount most HD cameras on the market with CoG centred beautifully above the flight controller.

For all pilots the responsiveness of a 5mm carbon unibody combined with the durability of the design ensures you get the best performance even after some big crashes.  Hot-tip for racers - combine with a Durable prop for a race winner that lets you push the risk-reward envelope to the podium!
iXura is available in two variations.  iXura Original provides a good balance between weight and strength, creating a high performing frame that lasts.  In Singapore’s Droneworlds Qualifiers, 3 of the top 6 winners were flying iXura - including the winner on an iXura Original.  The Original is also compatible with Shendrones Krieger CF Pods for those looking for a simple upgrade to their current Krieger X-frame.

iXura AE (Aero Edition) shaves down the surface area to minimise drag, and drops 12g in weight as well.  Great for top end racers and freestylers alike, who value durability while maximising performance.
Both variations fit the iXura Pod series, which mounts your VTx, FPV Cam and HD Camera in a compact but strong package.  Made from vibrant colours of flexible printed plastic, they keep your build super easy and compact and make maintenance a breeze.  The Pods fit most popular VTx, HS1177 format FPV Cameras and either GoPro Hero, GoPro Session, or Foxeer Legend / Runcam format HD Cameras. Both iXura models are also compatible with Krieger Aeropods.
iXura supports both 5” (bi-stretched-X configuration for smoother pitch AND roll) and most 6” propellors, and with iXura pod it can accommodate larger motors like 2208 or larger for big props like 6” tris, or 5S of 6S shenanigans!


Note : the pod can only be used for 30.5 X 30.5 boards.

Weights (approximate):
    - Main Body: 74g
    - FC Mounting Plate: 7.75g
    - iXura Pod: 21g
    - Total Weight (including hardware): 105g

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