Flycolor Raptor 30A

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Flycolor makes its micro esc even better by adding triple IC drive and uses F330 MCU to create Raptor 30A. Raptor 30A turns your drones into the eagle of the pack with active-wheeling technology giving efficient and quicker throttle responses. Not only violent and fast speed, Flycolor's multi-axis program giving an excellent stall protection that provides the needed safety when crash.

Raptor 30A comes with BLHeli and supports dampened light and Oneshot125, and supports configuration via your flight controller. You need not unplug the ESC from your drone to configure the ESC and to calibrate. Simply install betaflight (instead of cleanflight) on the flight controller and download the latest BLHeli suite - more instructions here, and you can configure your ESC via USB through your flight controller USB.

Instantaneous current: 40A
Weight: 9.6g
Size: 40 x 13 x 6mm

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