7x16 63000rpm Motors pack ( a set of 2 x CW and 2 x CCW) for E011 (speed: Faster)

$18.99 USD
SKU: e011-02

7x16 coreless motors 63000rpm@3.7v for E011 makes your E011 insanely fast using stock flight controller and battery. It comes with Micro JST 1.5 connectors which makes it easy to swap and install.

performance data:

  • RPM: 63000 @ 3.7V
  • operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V


  • can diameter: 7mm
  • can length: 16mm
  • shaft diameter: 0.8mm
  • wire length: 50mm
  • plug: Micro-JST-1.5

A set contains 2 x CW and 2 CCW.

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