DYS mini XM20A ESC for High KV power motor

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XM series ESC is the improved and upgraded version from SN series with advanced processor (F393 MCU) that runs at faster speed of 50MHz (compared to SN's 16MHz). This faster processing capacity is designed to support high KV motor, and enabe refresh rate of throttle signal maximum up to 500Hz, required by modern flight controllers, including the Naze32 Rev6 and SP Racing F3 running BetaFlight or RaceFlight.

Most hobbyists seeing this as the next upcoming to Littlebee 20A (that runs F330) and the option to run MultiShot on it which requires F393. MultiShot is 20 times faster than OneShot.

XM20A is perfect companion for high KV motors such as 3100KV to 4000KV motors and fast throttle response applications. High KV motors are typically used in 130mm size FPV racer.

A summary of improved features:

  • Support refresh rate of throttle signal maximum up to 500Hz, compatible with all modern flight controllers, including the Naze32 Rev6 and SP Racing F3.
  • Support ultra-high speed Oneshot125 and 3000Hz high refresh rate, fast response, better throttle liner and smooth shooting to be the first choice for multicopter and racing frame.
  • New miniaturization and ultra-low resistance MOSFET, powerful flow resistance, and professional MOS Drive chips to improve efficiency. PCB board processed with special thickness treatment, low resistance and calorific value, higher impact resistance.
  • Subminiaturization design, 10/20A with high performance filtering capacitor on the board to reduce the weight.
  • Throttle lever travel and other settings are available to be set by USB linker; Support two-way mode and 3D mode for racing frame.
  • Throttle signal is twisted pair cable, reduces the signal crosstalk effectively while transmission in the copper wire to flight more stable.

Technical Specifications:

  • 500Hz Signal Frequency
  • 20A throughput & 25A burst rating
  • BLHeli installed. Throttle Range fully calibrated.
  • Oneshot125 and Damped Light Capable
  • NO BEC
  • 3S to 4S Capable
  • Uses new process ultra-low resistance MOSFET with miniaturization.
  • Weighs 5.8grams!
  • Size (L x W x H) 24mm X 14mm X 4.5mm

For best results, always mount ESC's in direct air flow

Available in two versions, solder version (V1) and standard version (V2). V1 is for hobbyists whom wants to solder motor wires directly on the solder pads and motor wire is not provided. V2 comes motor wires soldered on the ESC and connector is not included.

***Please be aware that cutting and removing the heatshrink will void the warranty on this ESC & any motor connected to it***

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