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This version comes with the lithium battery and is only available to customers residing in Singapore, with a valid Singapore address.

QX425 has all the advanced UAV features at the fraction of the DJI Phantom price. It follows you with any control as you run or walk. It hovers around your designated point of interests. All achieve using its advanced and high precision GPS engine. The GPS engine also give you safety. QX425 will not fly beyond the specific distance and height limit, and not fly within non-fly zone of various countries. Beside safety, the GPS engine give you assurance with its one-key return home features that returns home automatically with just one key press or when the drone lose signal with the control.

QX425 is designed to enable beginner to take stable aerial video like a pro, as it comes with a 2 axis brushless gimbal for your gopro or other action camera, and headless flying mode. Camera is not included.

QX425 is one of the few drones that has built-in two data transfer to the radio controller, showing the battery level, GPS coordinates and GPS status at your finger tips.

A QX425 comes with:

  • QX425 drone
  • FS-16 radio control
  • lipo battery charger
  • Follow-me GPS module
  • Props sets
  • 2 axis gimbal

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Environment Temperature: -10degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Weight (with Battery): 1.2kg
  • Maximum Flight weight: up to 1.5kg
  • Hovering Accuracy (GPS mode): 0.5m vertical 2m horizontal
  • Maximum Yaw angular Velocity: 200 degree/sec
  • Maximum Tiltable angle: 25degree
  • Max ascent/descend speed: 6m/s and 3m/s
  • Maximum Flight Speed: 15 m/s
  • Diagonal motor-motor distance: 425mm
  • Maximum communication distance: up to 500m
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Radio Receiver Sensitivity: -100dbm
  • Charger Charging Current: 3S 2A


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