RX2535 2.5" Quad Blade Propellers - 2 packets ( total 8 CW and 8 CCW)

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2.5" quad-blade propellers. Interlocking hub means you can switch them to dual or quad blade with only a few screws. These props are very popular for sub 100mm micro brushless builds. Perfect for the RX1105B or RX1102 motors.

Designed for high performance, light-weight micro racing drones:

- Central interlocking hub

- Can be used separately as dual blades propellers

- Ideal for RX1105b, RX1102 high KV motors

Picture shows one packet contains

- 16x interlocking 2.5" quad-blades (4 x CW and 4 x CCW)

- 8x m2x7 mounting screws


2 packets in this package . You get in total

- 32x interlocking 2.5" quad-blades (8 x CW and 8 x CCW)

- 16x m2x7 mounting screws

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